Biryani Handi With Lid Heavy Guage For Cooking
Name Food Capacity     Diameter Biryani handi with lid heavy-gauge | Cookware 4kg,5kg,8kg,12kg 17inch,19inch,22inch,27inch   Ashtok Biryani Handi | Lagan (Heavy gauge): Biryani Handi has a heavy gauge aluminum Sheet with a lid ideal for shallow cooking. This product can take...
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Ashtok Aluminium Biryani Cooking Handi Pot with Lid. Heavy Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel for 4 Persons. Capacity 1 Kg/8 Liters, Diameter 19 Inches and Height 5 Inches, Colour Silvery White.
Ashtok Thick Aluminium Biryani Handi Pot of Total Capacity 1 Kgs (Meat & Rice Combined)One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Biryani. People love and cook Biryani on all their special occasions. People around the...
₹ 9,898.00 ₹ 5,498.00
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Biryani Handi With Lid (Joint Less) For Cooking
Name Food Capacity Diameter Biryani Handi with lid jointless | Cookware Biryani Handi 2Kg,3Kg,4Kg,5Kg,6Kg  13inch,14inch,16inch,17inch,20inch   Ashtok Biryani Handi | Lagan (Jointless) - Biryani Handi consists of a Heavy Gauge Aluminum Sheet with a lid ideal for shallow cooking. This...
₹ 3,517.80 from ₹ 1,758.90
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