Brass Attached Serving Bowls Set with Solid Handle, Multipurpose Brass Chopala for Kitchen (Pack of 6)
Premium Brass Chopala Serving Bowl. Product Details: The Brass Chopala has four bowls attached, and a handle is provided to carry it. It is made of thick Brass sheets. The edges are non-abrasive to keep the hands safe while using them....
₹9,600.00 ₹4,800.00
Brass Chopala, Panchpal, Haldi KumKum Holder 4 Bowl Stand (Pack of 5)
Ashtok Pure Brass Choupala/ Brass Chopda Product Details: Choupala is made of Brass and has four separate portions that are connected by a curve-shaped Brass handle in the middle to hoist the complete product. Ideal for holding kumkum/sindoor and haldi in...
₹5,500.00 from ₹1,100.00
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