Brass Nut Cutter/Sarota, Bettle Nut Breaker Brass, Walnut Cracker
Pure Brass Cutter Product Details: Ashtok Hand Crafted Bettle Nut Cutter, Sorota, Tablet Cutter is made of 100% pure brass with handcrafted and lacquered details. A glossy polish gives the product a long-lasting shine. This is a high-quality export product that...
₹1,118 ₹559
Brass Bettle Nut Cutter Sarota, Brass Supari Cutter,Betel NUT Cutter,SUDI,Cyan Cutter (Set of ONE Piece)
Peacock Designed Brass Betel Nut Cutterroduct Product Details: Brass Betel Nut Cutter or Brass Sarota is handcrafted from pure brass. Ideal for cutting dry fruits and cracking nuts. The handle provides a secure grip for holding and cutting nuts. Because of...
₹988 from ₹494
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