Brass Masala Box for Kitchen with 5 Set
Ashtok Brass Spice Box, Masala DabbaProduct Details: A brass masala box, also known as a brass spice box, is tiny enough to fit into any place and comes with 5 set boxes that are organized inside the main box. The Spice Box...
₹1,898.00 ₹949.00
Brass Box, Masala Box, Stroge box/ Dabba.
Pure Brass Spice Box, Masala DabbaProduct Details: The brass box is composed of pure brass and comes with a transparent lid to protect it from dust. This box is great for storing and displaying various objects such as dried fruits, jewelry,...
₹698.00 ₹349.00
Masala box Kitchen
₹13,498.00 from ₹6,749.00
Masala box Kitchen
Brass Masala Box with Khalai (tin) InsideProduct Details: The brass Hammered Masala storage box  includes 7 set compartments as well as a brass spoon. These spice boxes will be coated with Tin, often known as Kalai coating. This Brass Spice Container comes with...
₹13,498.00 from ₹6,749.00
Brass Storage Box, Kitchen Storage Box Hammered
Package content : Brass Hammered Storage Box About the Product: Brass storage box is made up of Pure Brass and comes along with a Brass Lid for protection. It comes with a Hammered designed pattern all over the box kitchen storage...
₹3,297.80 from ₹1,648.90
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