Pure Bronze Kansa Utensils, Dinner Serving Plate - 15 Inch Diameter
Description:  Ashtok Pure KASA Thali Plate 15 Inch in diameter is designed and manufactured with 100% Pure KANSA Sheet with real embossing with high level of accuracy, Glossy finish polish, Highly durable and washable. This is Premium export quality product...
₹7,917.80 ₹3,958.90
Bronze Handmade Kansa Utensils Dinner Thali
Ashtok 100% Original Kans Metal Plate Use for eating food daily. Specially Designed for Home, Restaurant, Bars and Catering Services. Easy to clean and wash. Care: Do not clean with harsh chemicals. Product Description : Ashtok Original KASA Thali Plate...
₹4,397.80 from ₹2,198.90
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