Copper Bottle, Water Bottle with Utility Handle for Perfect Grip
Ashtok Copper Water Bottle with Leak Proof Threaded Cap and Utility Handle for Perfect Grip, Drinkware. Product Details: Copper is one of the metals that humankind has been using for ages. Copper utensils are in use for cooking food and storing water...
₹ 1,650.00 from ₹ 823.90
Copper Water Bottle with Hammered Design
Package Content: Hammered Copper Water Bottle. About the Product: Pure Copper Water Bottle in hammered design. Copper bottle is handcrafted using hammering technique for elegant and authentic look. Hammered Copper bottles not only looks more presentable but it distributes the heat and...
₹ 987.80 from ₹ 493.90
Water Bottle – 1000 ml Single Bottle, 100% Pure Copper
Package Content: Copper Water Bottle. About the Product: Pure Copper Water bottle designed in Milk bottle shape. It helps water stay cooler for a longer time. The cap of the bottle is designed in such a way that it holds the bottle...
₹ 1,098.90 ₹ 768.90
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