Copper Water Tank, Buy Hammered Design Copper Water Tank
Hammered Copper Water Tank Product Details: A hammered water tank with a lid is made of pure copper and hammered to give the copper sheets strength. This water tank is perfect for use as a copper water container on a daily basis...
₹5,498 from ₹2,749
copper tank with tap, Copper water dispensor
Copper Water Tank with Tap Product Details: Ashtok Copper Matka is made of pure copper of the highest quality. Hammered is Designed to provide many years of enjoyment and usage. Always keep this copper water storage tank in your house and kitchen and drink healthy...
₹5,698 from ₹2,849
Copper Water Tank, Best Copper Tank Available in Ashtok -16 liter
Copper Water Tank Product Details: A heavy gauge sheet is used to make the pure copper water tank. This cylindrical copper tanki aids in the easy filling of water. Simple to maintain and clean. For keeping drinking water, a copper water...
₹10,998 from ₹5,499
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