Copper Carafe with Non-Slip Mat hammered design
Small Copper Carafe with Non-slip Mat at the bottom Product Details: A small hammered copper carafe. It has a non-slip mat at the bottom to keep the carafe from sliding off. This Copper Carafe is meant to be used as a bedside carafe....
₹1,097.80 ₹548.90
Copper Bottle Carafe, Pure Copper, Drinking Water Container Bottle (Pack of 5)
Ashtok Copper Water Carafe/Bottle, Premium Drinkware on Special Occasions. Product Details: A copper carafe is a container made of pure copper that is designed to store and serve liquids, such as water or juice. Its sleek and stylish design makes it a...
₹6,600.00 from ₹3,300.00
Water Bottle Single Bottle, 100% Pure Copper
Copper Water Bottle designed in Milk bottle shape Product Details: Copper water bottles have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for their health benefits, such as improving digestion, boosting the immune system, and helping to balance the three doshas (Vata, Pitta,...
₹1,898.00 from ₹949.00
Copper Water Bottle with Hammered Design
₹2,098.00 from ₹1,049.00
Copper Water Bottle with Hammered Design
Hammered Copper Water Bottle Product Details: Pure copper water bottle with a hammered design. For an attractive and realistic aesthetic, the copper bottle is produced using a hammering process. Hammered Copper bottles not only appear more appealing, but they also disperse heat...
₹2,098.00 from ₹1,049.00
Pure Copper Matt Finished Design Water Bottle, Health Benefits, Storage Water, Drinkware
Matt Finish Copper Water Bottle    Product Details: Ashtok copper water bottle with a matte finish is a type of water bottle that is made of copper and has a matte finish on its surface. The use of copper water bottles is...
₹1,698.00 ₹849.00
Pure Copper water Bottle with Glossy Polish
Glossy Finish Copper Water Bottle Product Details: The copper bottle has a shiny finish. It has a fashionable and opulent appearance. The bottle cap is designed to keep the bottle tight and prevent water from escaping even if the bottle is turned...
₹1,698.00 from ₹849.00
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