Brass Patila with tin lining khalai, Brass Hammered Tope Topia, Patila Bhaguna Cooking Set, Special Silver coating under utensil
Pure Brass Hammered khalai tin coating cooking tope with lid Product Details: Brass Bogana/Patila heavy-gauge handcrafted utensil with khalai tin-coated inside. Cooking utensils made of brass can keep the heat for a long time and transmit heat and oil swiftly and...
₹3,918 from ₹1,959
Brass Glass, Brass water glass handcrafted Capacity 200ml
Ashtok Pure Brass Glass / Brass Tumbler Product Details: This beautiful Ashtok Pure Brass Glass / Tumbler Serveware & Drinkware can be used as a home decor item or gifted to friends and family. Also, with this brilliant decor piece, you can make...
₹1,098 ₹549
German Silver Pooja Thali Set, Puja Plate Set, Set of 11 Items, Colour - Silvery White.
German Silver Pooja Thali Set Product Details:  This Pooja thali is made up of German Silver. Items Included are - 1. Pooja Plate - 1 Pc, 2. Panchpatra - 1 Pc, 3. Pali - 1 Pc, 4. Bell - 1...
₹4,518 ₹2,259
Ganga aarti, Puja aarti for Temple
Brass Ganga Aarti Product Details: Ganga Aarti is a 5-layered Brass Diya or Brass lamp that can hold 51 wicks. A lengthy handle and pedestal support are affixed to the lowest level. This product is especially meaningful during Ganga Dussehra when...
₹10,898 ₹5,449
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Brass Tortoise Diya Antique, Deepam Brass Home Decor
Antique Brass tortoise diya Product Details: Antique Hand Carved Pure Brass Tortoise Diya. Brass oil lamp in the shape of a bowl with one wick holder affixed above a brass turtle facing north. The pure brass diya is artistically carved with...
₹2,298 ₹1,149
Brass Diya for pooja, Diwali diya Traditional Oil Lamp Diya, Diya Brass for diwali decor. (Pack of 12)
Decorative Brass Diya Product Details: Beautifully handcrafted brass Cup Shaped diya or oil lamp deepam. These puja lamps/Diya are made of high-quality brass that is sturdy. This Beautiful and Spiritual Brass Product is Designed Specifically for Home | Office Decoration. A wonderful present for...
₹1,680 from ₹840
Copper Handi for Cooking, Copper Serving Bowl.
Steel Casserole with Copper Hammered Design and Brass Handles Product Details: Copper Handi is made of 100% pure stainless steel on the inside and copper on the outside. Glass lids are included with serving bowls. The serving handi comes in a...
₹9,898 ₹4,949
Brass Urli, Brass Urli For Flowers Designer and Floating Candles, Urli Bowl For Living Room Decoration, Best Uruli
Ashtok Antique Brass Urli/Uruli Product Details: The Ashtok Pure Brass Urli is developed and made with 100% pure brass sheet, actual digital embossing with high precision, and lacquer finish polish, and is very durable, stylish, and excellent for any bathroom, kitchen, daily usage,...
₹3,098 ₹1,549
Pooja ki Thali Flower Shape Design, Brass Pooja Thali, Gift article
Ashtok  Pure Brass Pooja Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design Product Details: Ashtok Brass Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design, Pooja ki Thali plate, the thali is premium quality multipurpose brass thali made in high-quality 100% pure brass metal sheet handcrafted with glossy mirror polish....
₹1,098 from ₹549
Pure Brass Kalai Tope with Stainless steel Lid and Brass Spoon, Brass Patila
Brass Cooking Pot/Tope with Stainless Steel Lid and Brass Ladle, Tin Coating Inside Its Surface. Who doesn't want to try out something different? I am sure everyone wants to cook a different dish and serve their loved ones at home. Ashtok...
₹3,098 from ₹1,549
Brass Kadai with lid, Kadai for deep frying, cooking and with kalai lining inside
Brass Cooking Pot, Brass Patila Pan with khalai Coating Inside Product Details: The frypan/Kadai is made of premium brass. It features an amazing classical design on the handle that gives a firm grip. Expert craftspeople in India construct the pan, providing...
₹9,898 from ₹4,949
Brass Saucepan with tin lining inside, Brass utensils for cooking, best brass saucepans
Brass Fry Pan, Brass Saucepan with khalai Coating Inside Who doesn't want to try out something different? I am sure everyone wants to cook a different dish and serve their loved ones at home. Ashtok has brought a unique pot for your...
₹4,098 from ₹2,049
Copper Bottle Carafe, Pure Copper, Drinking Water Container Bottle (Pack of 5)
Ashtok Copper Water Carafe/Bottle, Premium Drinkware on Special Occasions. Product Details: A copper carafe is a container made of pure copper that is designed to store and serve liquids, such as water or juice. Its sleek and stylish design makes it a...
₹6,600 from ₹3,300
Aftaba Showpiece, Arabian Aftaba German Silver Handcrafted AT90683
Product Description : Ashtok Antique Design Silver Coating Surai for Tea. Heavy Guage Copper Sheet is handcrafted. Ideal to be used as showpieces. Showpieces Surai Handcrafted for home decor. Ideal to be used as showpieces. TRADITIONAL DESIGN is Very appealing and eye-catching as a home decor item. Easy to use...
₹86,568 ₹43,284
Aftaba Showpiece, Arabian Aftaba German Silver Handcrafted Ostrich AT90684
Product Description: Ashtok Export Quality Pure Copper Antique Design Silver Coating Ostrich Heavy Guage Copper Sheet is handcrafted. Ideal to be used as showpieces. Showpieces Ostrich Handcrafted for home decor. TRADITIONAL DESIGN is Very appealing and eye-catching as a home decor item. Easy to use...
₹87,998 ₹43,999
Cooking Pot, Tope with Lid (bagona), Patila with Lid
Aluminium Tope  with Lid (bhagona) Aluminium Patila with Lid Product Details: This Aluminium Tope will provide you with an excellent dining experience. It will emphasize the gloom and elegance of your dining table. This tope is made of high-quality aluminum, making it...
₹1,098 from ₹549
Brass Turkish Bowl Gift Item, Decorative Turkish Serving Brass Bowl (Multicolour)
About the Product: The brass fruit bowl comes with an engraved peacock design and is gold-plated. The curved edges have a peacock design that adds an elegant look to the bowl. It has a pedestal support to hold the bowl firmly....
₹2,098 ₹1,049
Designer Antique Brass Urli with Diyas
Designer Antique Brass Urli with Diyas Product Details: Antique Pure Brass Urli with Diyas at the side ends and engraved with Flower and peacock design. Brass Urli is in the middle surrounded by beautiful antique work. This Brass Urli has a beautiful and...
₹37,498 ₹18,749
Peacock Antique Brass Diya, Oil lamp, Deepam
Peacock Antique Brass Oil lamp Product Details: A beautifully handcrafted peacock carrying a diya in its beak. The entire item is composed of Hand Carved Pure Brass Diya with an Antique finish. The brass oil lamp is supported on a pedestal that...
₹3,898 ₹1,949
Brass Peacock Diya hanging, Deepam with traditional antique design, Diya for home decoration, Gift Item
Brass peacock Hanging Diya with Three wicks holder Product Details: Brass peacock hanging diya with 3 wick holders and 1 brass chain with hook to hang the diya Hand Carved Pure Brass Diya with Antique Finish. This brass diya features a...
₹2,898 ₹1,449
Brass Hanging Oil Lamp, Brass Diya with chain, Brass home decoration
Brass Diya Sangu symboled Brass Hanging oil lamp Product Details: Pure Brass Hanging Diya with Antique Finish Brass Oil Lamp with the Shanku Chakra (Sea Shell) symbol.  The entire item is made of Pure Brass, which includes 9 oil lights, 9 hanging...
₹3,498 ₹1,749
Brass Diya, Traditional design brass diya, Oil Lamp Diya, Gift Item
Brass Peacock standing diya  Product Details: Beautifully Designed Pure Brass Diya with Antique Finish. Brass oil lamp with 3 wick holders and a peacock perched on top of the diya. The flower-shaped brass stand is made of brass. The pedestal-like support...
₹7,098 ₹3,549
Brass Hanging Diya, Brass diya for puja, Diya home decoration
Brass Hanging Diya in Lord Vishnu's Chakra Design Product Details: Brass oil lamp with Chakra Symbol This is one of Lord Vishnu's divine symbols that symbolizes the Cycle of Time. The whole item is made of Pure Brass and includes nine oil...
₹4,698 ₹2,349
Brass Diya, Peacock Standing Deepam, Best Home Decor Oil Lamps
Peacock Brass Standing Diya  Product Details: Beautifully Designed Pure Brass Diya with Antique Finish. Brass oil lamp with five wick holders and a peacock perched on top of the diya. The flower-shaped brass stand is made of brass. The brass oil lamp...
₹6,898 ₹3,449

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