Copper Jug Glass set, glass water jug
Copper Jug and 2 Sets of Water Drinking Glasses Product Details: Ashtok made daily usable copper drinkware. It is value for money and an investment for a lifetime. Copper water increases your immunity. Made from pure copper, it promises the health benefits associated...
₹3,498 ₹1,749
Brass Bowl, Brass Gift Items, Multipurpose Brass Wati Bowl, Colour Gold. (Pack of 10)
Ashtok Brass Bowl, Brass Gift Items, Multipurpose Brass Bowl Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass bowls are the most beautiful traditional tools for storing delicacies. Brass bowls are also utilized in a variety of other applications. These bowls may also be used for decoration....
₹6,400 ₹3,200
Pure Copper Glass Plain Design with Glossy Finish (Pack of 10)
Ashtok Pure Copper Glass / Copper Tumbler. Product Details: The capacity of the glass is 300 ml and it has a glossy mirror finish over it. Suitable as home decor or can be given as a gift item for any occasion. It is used...
₹3,200 ₹1,600
Brass Gangalam, Mangala Snanam Set Planter, Brass Handcrafted Gangal for marriage events
Ashtok Mangala Snanam Set for Wedding Haldi Ceremony Available Sizes: 6 Inches, 10 Inches, 12 Inches, 14 Inches, and 16 Inches. What is Mangala Snanam? The bride and groom are immersed in water and given an auspicious cleansing bath during the...
₹5,098 from ₹2,549
Stainless Steel Serving Spoon, Deep ladle cooking & serving spoons 2 Set
Stainless Steel Spoons Product Description: Ashtok Export Quality Stainless Steel Curry Serving Spoon 2 Piece Set Length = 21cm (8.2 Inch) and 25 cm (9.8 Inch) Stainless Steel Spoon is designed and manufactured with 100% Stainless Steel Sheet with is...
₹898 ₹449
Biryani Handi with Lid, Hotel Cookware, Biryani Handi with Collar
Ashtok Thick Aluminium Biryani Handi Pot. One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Biryani. People love and cook Biryani on all their special occasions. People around the world are familiar with this dish. It is one of...
₹7,698 from ₹3,849
Handi Biryani with lid flat base, Biryani Pot Best Utensil for biryani
Name Food Capacity Diameter Biryani Handi with lid jointless | Cookware Biryani Handi 2Kg,3Kg,4Kg,5Kg,6Kg, 7Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 12Kg.  13inch, 14inch, 15inch, 16inch, 17inch, 20inch, 22inch, 24inch, 26inch.   Ashtok Biryani Handi | Lagan (Jointless) - Biryani Handi consists of a Heavy Gauge...
₹3,898 from ₹1,949
Handi Biryani, Cooking Handi for Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Heavy Gauge
Name Food Capacity     Diameter Biryani handi with lid heavy-gauge | Cookware 3kg, 4kg, 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg. 15inch, 17inch, 19inch, 22inch, 24inch, 26inch Handi Biryani Ashtok Biryani Handi | Lagan (Heavy gauge): Handi has a heavy gauge aluminum Sheet with a lid...
₹7,298 from ₹3,649
Irani Chai Set, Aluminum Chai Set, Canteen ware. Handa, Samawar and Patila
Ashtok Copper Irani Tea Set with Tin Coating (Khalai): About the Product: Irani Chai Set Includes 1. Aluminium Handa 2. Aluminium Dabba with Tap 3. Aluminium Milk Patila This set comes in 3 sizes: 1. Tea for 50- 60 Cups 2. For 100-120...
₹26,898 from ₹13,449
Urli Bowl Brass, Decorative Brass Designer Urli (Set of 5)
Home Decorative Plain Brass Urli Potpourri Bowl Product Details: The pure Brass Urli commonly referred to as a decorative bowl, handles are fitted to the sides of this brass decorative bowl for easy carrying and handling. Brass generates a Divine sound that aids...
₹5,200 from ₹2,600
Copper Biryani Handi with Tin Coating(Khalai) Heavy Guage
Ashtok Copper Heavy Bottom Biryani Cooking Handi Pot. Tin Coating (Khalai) Inside It. Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel. One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Biryani. People love and cook Biryani on all their special occasions....
₹23,898 from ₹11,949
Brass Biryani Handi With Lid For Dum Biryani, Cooking Vessel
Brass Biryani Handi With Lid For Dum Biryani, Cooking Vessel: One of the dishes well-known in many regions of the world is Biryani. Individuals love and cook Biryani in the entirety of their unique events. Individuals all throughout the planet...
₹12,098 from ₹6,049
copper biryani handi with lid
₹16,698 from ₹8,349
copper biryani handi with lid
Copper Cooking Handi for Hyderabadi Biryani with Lid Product Details: This Is A High-Quality Product. Ideal For Cooking Food On Gas Stoves. Serve Delicious Food In Style To Your Guests And Grab Compliments Instantly. Made Of High-Quality Copper Material, They Are...
₹16,698 from ₹8,349
Urli, Brass urli, Uruli, PotPouri, Home Decor, Design- Hammered.
Ashtok Brass Urli/Pot. Decorative Potpourri BowlWho doesn't want to decorate their house? I am sure everyone wants their house to look the best. We feel proud if someone compliments our house. But it is not easy to find the best...
₹7,098 ₹3,549
Brass Tea Pot, Brass kettle Mughlai Design Tea Pot
Ashtok Gold Plated Brass Kashmiri Handcrafted Designer Tea Kettle  Product Details: Ashtok presents a Brass Engraved Mughlai Style Teapot / Kettle with a Designer Handle & Spout and an Inside Tin Lining. A teapot is a vessel with a lid, spout,...
₹18,698 ₹9,349
Pure Copper water Bottle with Glossy Polish
Glossy Finish Copper Water Bottle Product Details: The copper bottle has a shiny finish. It has a fashionable and opulent appearance. The bottle cap is designed to keep the bottle tight and prevent water from escaping even if the bottle is turned...
₹1,698 from ₹849
Pure Copper Matt Finished Design Water Bottle, Health Benefits, Storage Water, Drinkware
Matt Finish Copper Water Bottle    Product Details: Ashtok copper water bottle with a matte finish is a type of water bottle that is made of copper and has a matte finish on its surface. The use of copper water bottles is...
₹1,698 ₹849
Pure Copper Water Bottle with 2 Glasses and 1 Jug. Beautiful Printed Design drinkware Set. Pack of 1 Bottle, Jug and 2 Glasses
Ashtok Pure Copper Water Bottle with 2 Glasses and 1.5 Litre Jug.  Product Details: A copper water bottle is a container made of copper, used to store and carry drinking water. These bottles are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential health...
₹5,098 ₹2,549
Pure Copper Water Bottle with Glass, Printed Flower Design and Leakproof Threaded Cap, Multicolour.
Pure Copper Water Bottle with Glass, Printed Flower Design, and Leakproof Threaded Cap.    Product Details: pure copper water bottle with a glass printed flower design and a leak-proof threaded cap in multicolor. The bottle is made of pure copper which...
₹3,898 ₹1,949
Gift Tray & Bowls, Brass and Copper Gift Set, Tray and 3 Bowl Set. (Set of 5)
Product Description: The Brass Dry Fruits Box is ideal for your kitchen accessories and is used to keep dry fruits. It is a multifunctional box that may be used to keep dry fruits and other little things in storage. Occasion: Perfect...
₹9,100 ₹4,550
Brass Gift Item, Marriage Gift item, Gift Ideas
Brass and Copper Dry Fruit Box Product Description: Brass Dry Fruit Tray has an embossed cover and a round shape, providing just the proper amount of room to store daily use kitchen necessities. Its amazing design may add to the party...
₹3,698 ₹1,849
Gift Bowls Tray, Brass Gift item, Dry Fruit Tray with 4 Boxes, Ideal for tableware
Brass Dry Fruit Box: Product Details: Brass Dry Fruit Tray has an embossed cover and a square form, providing just the proper amount of room to store daily use kitchen necessities. Its amazing design may add to the party atmosphere and...
₹3,698 ₹1,849
copper water bottle, best copper bottle
Ashtok Copper Water Bottle with Leak Proof Threaded Cap, Hammered and Glossy Finish Bottle, Drinkware. Product Details: copper water bottle with a glossy polish finish and hammered. The bottle is made of pure copper and is designed to be used for storing and consuming...
₹3,298 ₹1,649
Masala box Kitchen, Brass Spice Container box, Masala Dabba with Silver coating Inside spice box
Brass Masala Box with Khalai (tin) Inside Product Details: The brass Hammered  Masala storage box includes 7 set compartments as well as a brass spoon. These spice boxes will be coated with Tin, often known as Kalai coating. This Brass Spice Container comes with...
₹13,498 from ₹6,749

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