Brass Antique Heavy Weight Stool, Elephant Pillar Design Leg, Pooja Brass Chowki - Bajot
Antique Brass Stool with Elephant Legs Product Details: The Brass Stool is an antique design with three elephant legs. This Brass Chowki is decorated with floral art and elephant-shaped pillars for an attractive look that adds to its elegance. Due to its ancient appearance, it...
₹4,898 from ₹2,449
Brass Pooja Chowki, Brass Sheet Bajot For Puja, Brass Work Wooden Chowki.
Ashtok Brass Chowki Product Description: Handcrafted and designed with 100 % Pure Brass Sheet on the wooden stool with digital real embossing with high-level accuracy, and highly durable. You may utilize this chowki as part of the home-sitting arrangement to improve...
₹6,898 from ₹3,449
Brass Antique Heavy Weight Stool, Lion Pillar Design Leg
Brass Antique Bajot Stool with Lion Legs Product Details: The Brass Stool is an Antique model with three Lion Legs. This Brass Chowki is decorated with flower art and Lion-shaped pillars for an attractive look. Ideal as a multi-purpose stool to set...
₹19,298 ₹9,649
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