Stainless Steel Murkul Rotating Model
Ashtok Stainless Steel thick sheet Murkul Maker Sev Maker. Made of 100% Steel , Glossy polish, stylish in appearance. TRADITIONAL DESIGN Very appealing and wonderful kitchen item. This product can be used as Murkul Maker Sev Maker, Murkul Sancha, safe...
₹ 1,296.90 ₹ 653.40
Ashtok Murukku Maker Press Machine Stainless Steel
Ashtok Stainless Steel Murukul Maker | Murkul Sancha Height 7 Inch Mirror Glossy finish polish Premium Export Quality Product. With 12 Plates Ideal to be used as murkul maker it has 12 different shape plates. TRADITIONAL DESIGN Very appealing and...
₹ 1,317.80 ₹ 658.90
Murkul Maker, Easy to Grip Handle, Machine Murkul Sancha Export Quality, Height = 3.5 Inch Width = 9 Inch
Murkul Maker, Easy to Grip Handle, Murkul Maker Press Machine:Material: AluminiumColour: Silvery White.Package Contains: 1 Aluminium Murkul Maker.Product description : Ashtok Export Quality Pure Aluminium thick guage Murkul Maker Sev Maker. Height = 3.5 Inch Width = 9 Inch Pure Aluminium,...
₹ 1,097.80 ₹ 548.90
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