German Silver Gift Item, Designer Fancy Tray with handles
German Silver Tray Product Details: German Silver Designer Fancy Tray Rectangle Shape from Ashtok Beautifully crafted from German silver sheet with digital cutting, polishing the beautiful decorative basket, silver gloss mirror finish, graceful and stylish look, High-quality and simple to maintain...
₹2,898.00 ₹1,449.00
Brass Tray, Serving Tray, Decorative Tray/ Fruit Tray
Ashtok Pure Brass Handle Tray Product Details: The round tray is made of a Brass Sheet and has an antique design pattern on it. It has brass molded handles on both sides to hold the plate. Handcrafted brass sheet with digital cutting...
₹3,098.00 from ₹1,549.00
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