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Pure Brass Kalai Tope with Stainless steel Lid and Brass Spoon, Brass Patila

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Brass Cooking Pot/Tope with Stainless Steel Lid and Brass Ladle, Tin Coating Inside Its Surface.

Who doesn't want to try out something different? I am sure everyone wants to cook a different dish and serve their loved ones at home. Ashtok has brought a unique pot for your home cooking. That would be the best thing to try. India is famous for its handcrafted metal utensils. Ashtok used their handcrafting skills to make this Brass Pot.

Product Details: The Pot is cylindrical with a concave bottom. At the brim, it has a collar for ease of carrying when the Pot is hot. The Pot comes with a Stainless Steel Lid/Cover and a Brass Ladle. A brass tope, also known as a brass Patila, is a type of cooking pot commonly used in Indian cuisine. It is typically made of brass, which is a type of metal alloy that is composed primarily of copper and zinc. The pot is characterized by its deep, round shape.

A pure brass Kalai tope with a free stainless steel lid and brass ladle is a traditional Indian cooking pot that is typically used for boiling and simmering. The Kalai tope is made of pure brass, which is a durable and heat-conductive metal that is suitable for high-heat cooking methods.

The Kalai tope comes with a free stainless steel lid and brass spoon, which are both durable and easy to clean. The lid is designed to fit tightly on the tope to lock in moisture and flavor inside the tope. The spoon is also helpful to stir and serve the food. Stainless steel is a safe and rust-resistant metal that can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for use with the Kalai tope.

Capacity: 1 Litre,1.5  Litres, 2 Liters, 3 Litres, 4 Litres, 4.5 Litres, 5 Litres, 6 Litres, 7 Litres, 8 Litres, 10 Litres, 12 Litres.

Color: Golden, Inner Colour - Steel Grey

Package Contains: 1 Brass Tope with Stainless Steel Lid and Brass Ladle

Benefits: Brass is an alloy made of Copper and Zinc. It is a symbol of pride, wealth, and beauty. It is used in the manufacturing of utensils for ages. The brass is rustproof. It is safe, environment friendly, and recyclable, unlike iron which gets rusted with oxidation. Brass has a longer life than other metals or alloys and has zero maintenance.

Usage: Mainly, Brass Tope is used for Cooking Rice and Curries for generations, and it enhances the taste of the food. It is also used to store water also. Ideal for home, Hotel, and Restaurant use, it is easy to carry and clean.

Cleaning: Brass could get black Stains if not used often. Brass gets easily cleaned up as well with the help of lemon or simple chemicals. After usage, wash the brass top with normal soap and dry it before keeping it in the cupboard. If not in use, keep the pot in a place where there is less moisture.

Preservation: Brass Tope does not need any special care for its protection, but if rinsed with a cotton cloth after washing will keep them rust and stain-free. Naturally, pure Brass loses its color with time. metal.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.



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