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Brass Pot, Brass Water Pot Flower Designed, Water Pot Round Shape

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 Brass Flower designed water Pot

Product Details: Beautiful pattern carved on a pure brass water-filling pot. The Brass Water Pot/Ghada has a spherical bottom, making the entire pot a circle. It has a lovely classic appearance, which makes it popular for decorating the interiors of houses, restaurants, and theme parties. Furthermore, drinking water preserved in a Brass Pot has several health benefits. Water kept in a metal jar boosts strength and immunity. It boosts hemoglobin levels and enhances the overall quality of your skin. Brass pots are specifically made for marriages, ring ceremonies, and gifting purposes during weddings, housewarming celebrations, and so on.

A brass water pot with a flower design is a traditional container used for storing and pouring water in South Asian and Middle Eastern cultures, which is decorated with intricate flower designs. This type of water pot is a beautiful and elegant piece, which can be used for a variety of purposes. The flower designs are often hand-etched or engraved and can be intricate and detailed. They can add a touch of elegance and beauty to any room or space.

The round shape of the brass water pot is a classic and timeless design, which is easy to hold and pour water from. It is a common shape for brass water pots, as it allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The round shape also makes it easy to pour water from, as the water flows smoothly and evenly.

It is also used for daily tasks such as washing hands, face, and feet before meals or prayers. It is considered auspicious to begin the day by washing the face with water poured from a brass water pot. The brass water pot is considered to be a symbol of purity and cleanliness. In addition to its traditional and religious uses, the brass water pot also has practical applications in areas without access to clean drinking water. It is usually used to store and transport water for drinking and cooking. The round shape and flower designs add a touch of elegance to these practical uses.

Overall, the brass water pot with flower designs and shapes is a versatile and functional item with rich cultural and historical significance. Its beauty and durability make it a cherished item in many homes and communities.

Product Capacity: 5 Liter, 10 Liter 

Cleaning Instructions: Brass is a mixture of copper and zinc metals. So after some time Brass reacts with open-air or oxygen and generally gets oxidized or tarnishes and might turn black or green. Here are some ways that might help you to maintain Brass products well.  

  1. Metal Shining Powder is the best and most traditional way to clean brass items. 
  2. Vinegar with a mixture of Salt can be applied and cleaned otherwise the brass product to be cleaned can be immersed in a solution of vinegar and salt in boiling water.  
  3. Lemon and salt mixture can be rubbed to clean the product and salt can also be replaced with Baking Soda.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.



Brass Pot, Brass Water Pot Flower Designed, Water Pot Round Shape
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