Prestige Whistle Set with gasket stand and rubber

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Cooker Whistle and Gasket

Whistle: cooker whistle, also known as a pressure cooker whistle, is a safety device found on pressure cookers. It is typically a small, metallic device that is attached to the lid of the pressure cooker. The cooker whistle is designed to emit a loud, piercing sound when the pressure inside the cooker reaches a certain level. This alerts the cook that the pressure inside the cooker has reached the desired level and that the food is ready to be served or taken off the heat. The pressure cookers have a safety valve, which also works to release the pressure when it becomes too high.

Gasket: A cooker gasket, also known as a pressure cooker gasket, is a rubber ring that creates a seal between the lid and the body of a pressure cooker. It is an essential component of a pressure cooker as it prevents steam and pressure from escaping the cooker while it is in use. The gasket creates a tight seal around the lid, which allows the cooker to build up pressure and cook food quickly and efficiently. It is also used as a safety feature to prevent the escape of steam if the pressure inside the cooker becomes too high. The gasket needs to be checked periodically and replaced when it shows signs of wear and tear or damage.

  • PRODUCT: Ashtok Prestige gasket and whistle
  • An essential kitchen essential for household purposes
  • Prestige Whistle and Gasket available as a set
  • Suitable for any cooker of Prestige
  • No problems with odor, color, and taste due to the Gasket.
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    Prestige Whistle Set with gasket stand and rubber
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