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10 Best gift Ideas for Indian Weddings that you will love !

Indian Wedding is one of it's kind giving scope to carry a bag full of memories at the end. People say "Once in a lifetime, you meet someone who becomes everything to you" Create memories of a lifetime for your loved ones gifting them worthy gifts. We have a beautiful collection of Gift items for Marriage , let us deep dive into some of them:


1. Designer Brass Fruit Bowl with Dry Fruits or Rich Chocolates inside it :

Brass Fruit Bowl with dry fruits for gifting

Brass fruit bowls filled with dry fruits or chocolates like Ferrero rocher will give an attractive look and the gift would look worthy. Moreover, Brass fruit bowl is a cost effective item and comes with a red gift box hence you do not need to worry about wrapping and packing.


2. Brass Or Copper Dinner Sets: 

Copper Dinner set for wedding gift


Gifting dinner sets in wedding is like an Indian tradition. If you want to gift a dinner set and still want to be unique and thoughtful, then you can go for brass or copper dinner set. Copper and brass material is worthy and attractive. Ceramic dinner sets are cliche hence brass or copper dinner sets would be perfect gift idea.


3. Set of Colourful and designer Sindoor boxes

Brass sindoor box for wedding giftBrass kum kum box for giftsindoor boxDesigner sindoor boxSindoor box for wedding giftPearl design sindoor box


Set of Sindoor boxes as gift would be loved by an Indian bride. The idea of gifting a set of sindoor box is thoughtful. The bride will find it useful as she can decorate her dressing or makeup table with these beautiful and colourful sindoor boxes.


4. Copper Drink-ware set

Copper Drinkware set for wedding gift


Useful gifts are always the best and most loved. Copper Drink-ware set as a gift is a useful and thoughtful idea. Drinking water in copper vessels also has amazing health benefits. Hence if you gift a copper drink ware set, you will always be remembered.


5. German Silver Tray or basket with dry fruits

German silver Tray for return gift 


German silver products are cost effective and attractive. A german silver Tray filled with dry fruits or chocolates would look attractive and classy. German silver items can also be given as a return gift because of their effective cost.


6. Brass Pressure Cooker:

Brass pressure cooker for wedding gift

Gifting something related to household would be useful and beneficial. As the couple is going to start their new lives, they might probably need more things related to household. A brass pressure cooker is a unique gift and would be loved by a housewife.


7. Brass Handi Set :

A Biryani handi is a delicious and a thoughtful gift idea. Again the gift is useful for household. A Brass Handi set would make a great gift as it would look attractive and could be used for serving when guests would arrive at the newly wed couples place.


8. 24 Carat Gold Plated Brass Bowl :

24 carat gold plated brass fruit bowl for wedding gift

Gifting something of silver or gold in weddings is always worth. A 24 carat gold plated brass fruit bowl would be worth as well as cost effective.


9. Copper Mug set:

copper beer mugs


Copper Mug is an affordable yet unique gift item. Most of the people tend to start their day with a coffee and gifting them a mug would do total justice. This mug can also be used a beer mug, hence if it is your friends wedding you should surely go with this copper mug with a bottle of champagne.



10. Copper Cutlery Set :


Set of Cutlery including spoons, forks, ladles would be very useful gift item to a newly wed couple. The whole family can use it. Moreover, It will come with a red velvet gift box hence it will look attractive and you do not have to worry about wrapping and packing.

We are here to give the right options for you to choose from, pick up the best gift item for the couple and make the moment unforgettable. Shop with Ashtok for more such gift items, brass and copper utensils and much more .

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