Brass Lotus stand diya, Brass Kamal Diya, Brass Oil lamp, Gift Item (Set of 12 Pieces)
Brass Oil Pooja Lamp in Lotus Shape for Home Decor Product Details: This Oil Lamp is handcrafted using high-quality metals and traditional techniques. It's a great addition to the decor of any modern home. These diyas are completely safe to use....
₹5,999 ₹2,999
Brass Diya, Brass Panch Batti Diya, Deepam, Oil Lamp. (12 Pieces Set)
Brass Panch Batti Diya  Product Details: Brass panch batti is also known as brass star diya because of its star-shaped design and capacity to accommodate five candles. The diya's five corners are highly curved to retain the lightning diya. The brass...
₹2,640 ₹1,320
Brass Diya, Deepam, Oil Lamp, Diya Brass Diyas for Pooja Indian Diya Set for Gifting, Home Decor Oil Lamps to be Used with Cotton Wick or roli.
Brass Kuber Diya Product Details: Pure Brass Kuber Diya with Turtle Base Indian puja brass diya with hand-engraved design. The top diya holder is wonderfully carved with a motif, and below it are engraved Turtle symbols. These diyas have a very...
₹1,098 from ₹549
Brass Diya for Puja, Diwali diya Traditional Oil Lamp Diya, Multicolour (Pack of 10)
Brass Lotus Diya  Product Details: The Handcrafted Brass Oil Lamp is a traditional oil lamp known as a diya. The diya is an oil lamp that burns vegetable oil or ghee Indian butter and has been a decorative light source since...
₹4,800 ₹2,400
Brass Diya, Brass Kuthu Vilakku, Peacock Samai Diya Traditional and Elegant Looking diya, Pooja and Gifting
Brass Fancy Samai/Oil Lamp Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Oil Lamp Kuber Diya, Deepam, Deepak Wonderful Pure Brass Kuber Oil Lamp. This is an Ashtok handmade item. Kuber Diya or Deepak in pure brass. This lovely oil lamp may be used...
₹4,518 from ₹2,259
Crystal diya, brass diya, Akhand Diya, Diwali Diya, Deepam, Tea Light Holder (Set of 10)
Brass Crystal Oil Lamp Oval Shape, Tea Light Holder Lantern Diwali Gifts Home Decor Puja Lamp (Small) Product Details: The Handcrafted Crystal Akhand Diya Light is a classic oil lamp used as a diya. The diya is an oil lamp that...
₹11,600 ₹5,800
Silver Coated Brass Rose Diya (Set of 2)
Ashtok Silver Coated Brass Rose Diya  Product Description: Silver Coated Diya, Oil Lamp Diya, Deepam. Wonderful Star Oil Lamp made in Pure Brass and Silver Coated. This is a handcrafted piece from ashtok. Silver Coated Kuber Diya or Deepak. This Beautiful...
₹938 ₹469
Silver Coated Peacock Diya (Set of 2) Height = 8 Inch
Description: Ashtok Silver Coated Peacock Diya ( SET OF 2 ) Height = 8 Inch. Silver Coated Diya, Oil Lamp Kuber Diya, Deepam, Deepak Height = 8 Inch. Wonderful Kuber Oil Lamp made in Pure Brass and Silver Coated. This...
₹4,398 ₹2,199
Brass Hanging Diya, Brass diya for puja, Diya home decoration
Brass Hanging Diya in Lord Vishnu's Chakra Design Product Details: Brass oil lamp with Chakra Symbol This is one of Lord Vishnu's divine symbols that symbolizes the Cycle of Time. The whole item is made of Pure Brass and includes nine oil...
₹4,698 ₹2,349
Brass Hanging Diya, Brass diya for puja, Diya with hanging chain
Ashtok Traditional Design Peacock Diya Product Details: The hanging diya is made of 100% pure brass and has an antique finish. This is a high-quality product that will last a long time. The antique brass polish and glossy finish give the goods...
₹7,298 ₹3,649
German Silver Pooja Thali Set, Puja Plate Set, Set of 11 Items, Colour - Silvery White.
German Silver Pooja Thali Set Product Details:  This Pooja thali is made up of German Silver. Items Included are - 1. Pooja Plate - 1 Pc, 2. Panchpatra - 1 Pc, 3. Pali - 1 Pc, 4. Bell - 1...
₹4,518 ₹2,259
Brass Diya, Deepam, Diyas for Pooja Indian Diya Set for Gifting, Home Decor Oil Lamps with Oil Holding Capacity of 50 ml, to be Used with Cotton Wick or roli
Brass Diwali Diya  Product Details: Ashtok Handcrafted Devdas Brass Diya: Our Oil Lamp is handcrafted using high-quality brass and traditional methods. This is a fantastic addition to your modern home decor. Brass Oil Lamp, also known as a Deepam/Diya, is a classic...
₹698 from ₹449
Pure Copper Diya Deepak Oil Lamp in Glossy Polish
Copper Diya Deepak Oil Lamp in Glossy Polish Product Details: Ashtok's Very Beautiful Pure Copper Diya Deepak Design, Oil Lamp is designed and manufactured with 100% Pure Copper, digital actual embossing and cutting for a high degree of precision, glossy black finishing...
₹1,298 ₹649
Brass Sweet Plate handcrafted Bowl, Brass Plate, Color Golden, Gift Item
Pure Brass Sweet Plate with Flower Embossed Design Product Details: Pure Brass Sweet Plate, handmade and engraved with a beautiful design. Ideal for serving sweets, fruits, and other items. It is ideal as a decorative item for a showcase. It is also...
₹898 from ₹449
Gift Bowls Tray, Brass Gift item, Dry Fruit Tray with 4 Boxes, Ideal for tableware
Brass Dry Fruit Box: Product Details: Brass Dry Fruit Tray has an embossed cover and a square form, providing just the proper amount of room to store daily use kitchen necessities. Its amazing design may add to the party atmosphere and...
₹3,698 ₹1,849
Return Gift Items, Brass Gift With Six Bowls And Tray Set
Brass Gift Item  Product Details: Ashtok gift item is made of brass. Brass gift items have an attractive antique appearance that adds to your home décor or may be used to decorate restaurants and pubs. Material: brass, these gift products may easily...
₹4,498 ₹2,249
Gift Tray Bowls Brass and Copper Gift Set, Tray and 2 bowl (Set of 5).
Brass present incredibly durable brass wedding gift item Luxuries Design for Tableware Product Details: The Brass Dry Fruits Box is great for your kitchenware and is used to store dry fruits. It is a multipurpose box that may be used to...
₹7,000 ₹3,500
Copper bottle and Two Water Drinking Glasses, Copper Drinkware, Copper Bottle
Ashtok Pure Copper Bottle    Product Details: A set of copper bottles and two glasses. The set is made of pure copper and is designed to be used for storing and consuming water or other beverages. Copper is known for its...
₹2,498 ₹1,249
Pure Copper Water Glass, Tumbler
Pure Copper Water Glass Product Details: Pure Copper Water Glass is made, produced, and manufactured from 100% pure copper sheet with a high level of precision, and a glossy mirror finish polish. Excellent for everyday drinking water. This is a Premium export-quality...
₹898 from ₹449
Brass Gift Item, Marriage Gift item, Gift Ideas
Brass and Copper Dry Fruit Box Product Description: Brass Dry Fruit Tray has an embossed cover and a round shape, providing just the proper amount of room to store daily use kitchen necessities. Its amazing design may add to the party...
₹3,698 ₹1,849
Brass Plate for pooja, Pooja Thali, Octagonal Shape Meenakari Pooja thali, Diameter 12 Inch
Meenakari Work Brass Pooja Plate Product Details: The Pooja plate is made of brass sheets that have been carved with Meenakari work that extends all the way around the plate. The plate's print pattern is a flower motif in green and gold,...
₹1,538 ₹769
Silver Bowl and Spoon/ Dessert Bowl/ Sweet Bowl/ Gift Ideas/ Serveware. Included: Bowl and Spoon
Ashtok Silver Plated Brass Bowl Set Product Details: A Silver Bowl and Spoon Dessert Bowl is a set of elegant and decorative tableware used for serving and eating desserts. The set typically includes a silver-plated bowl and a matching spoon. The...
₹1,498 ₹749
Meenakari Thali Plate, Stainless Steel Thali Parat, Marrage Decoration Item
Product Description: A steel meenakari plate is a decorative plate made of steel that is decorated with Meenakari enamel work. Meenakari is a form of art in which metal surfaces are decorated with bright colors and patterns? The steel plates are...
₹2,718 from ₹1,359
Diya, Deepam, Rose Deep Pure Brass
Ashtok Pure Brass Rose Diya Product Details: Handcrafted engraved design Brass kuber diya for Indian puja with base stand The top diya holder is wonderfully carved with a flower design, and below that are lined dot symbols. The floral design is also...
₹1,098 ₹549

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