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Brass Planter, Decorative Flower Pot for Indoor and Outdoor
Brass planters or brass flower pots are exquisite and versatile decorative additions suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Crafted from durable brass, these pots combine functionality with elegance, making them an ideal choice for showcasing your favorite plants. Their...
₹ 6,599 from ₹ 3,299
Brass Planter, Brass Handcrafted Decorative Brass Planter Pot, Vase Flower Pot for Decor, Home and Garden
Decorative Brass Planter with Stripes design    Product Details: The Antique Brass Planter has a Vertical Stripes pattern with beading around the edge. This planter has a slightly raised pedestal support and a glossy finish on the whole planter. Ideal for plating indoor...
₹ 1,979 from ₹ 1,363
Planter, Brass and Copper Planter, Flower Pot for Indoor and Outdoor
Ashtok Brass Copper Planter About the product: Brass Copper Planter comes in a Round shape and is an antique molded planter. It has an engraved design over it with pie crust edges. Two rings are present on both ends of the...
₹ 7,512 from ₹ 5,367
Planters, Brass Planters Decorative Round Shape, Brass pots for planters
Stripes design & Round shaped Brass Planter Product Details: Brass Planter with Broad-brimmed Stripes pattern and Round form. This planter includes beading around the open border and slightly elevated pedestal support to sustain the planter's weight. Ideal for growing indoor and outdoor...
₹ 2,122 from ₹ 1,517
Brass Planter, Brass Traditional Shape Handcrafted Decorative Brass Planter Pot, Vase Flower Pot for Decor, Home and Garden, Marriage events planter
Brass Planter with Engraved Floral design  Product Details: Brass Planter is an antique molded planter with a round design. It has an etched pattern with pie crust borders all around it. On both ends of the planter, there are two rings that...
₹ 8,799 ₹ 5,279
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