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Copper Biryani Handi with Tin Coating(Khalai) Heavy Guage
Ashtok Copper Heavy Bottom Biryani Cooking Handi Pot. Tin Coating (Khalai) Inside It. Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel. One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Biryani. People love and cook Biryani on all their special occasions....
₹ 21,999 from ₹ 15,399
Cooker, Brass Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker 5 Liter
Ashtok Pure Brass Cooker with Tin Coating(Khalai Coating) Product Details: High-quality Brass Pressure Cooker has handles attached to it for easy lifting and handling with Kalai-tinned inside. The presence of Kalai within the Brass Cooker avoids the acidic interaction of food with brass...
₹ 17,599 from ₹ 11,549
Copper Gangal Big size, Gangalam (18 Inch Diameter)*(12 Inch Height)
Ashtok Copper Gangal Product Details: Gangal is made of Pure Copper. Home décor item, ghangal for puja, used as a flower decoration pot, centerpiece, or housewarming gift. It is beautifully designed and is hugely popular in Temples and Home Decor, as...
₹ 20,128 ₹ 10,064
Stainless Steel Box Set, Meenakari Box Stainless Steel Set of Five Kitchen Box, Kitchen Container.
Product Description Ashtok Stainless Steel Meena storage box, kitchen container Set of 5 boxes. The stainless steel box is made from high-quality stainless steel making it highly durable, the product is ideal for storing kitchen daal, and spices, and is...
₹ 15,398 ₹ 7,699
Brass Tiffin Box, 3 Tier Set Tiffin With spoon, Travelling Tiffin, Lunch Box, Storage Box.
Brass Tiffin Box, Lunch Box:Product Details:  Brass 3 Tier Tiffin With spoon, Brassware lunch box, Hand made pure Brass three container Food Carrier Boxes, Picnic Box, Mothers day gift Brass Tiffin Box 3 Tier Khalai Tin Coating Set of 3...
₹ 14,299 ₹ 7,644
Masala box Kitchen, Brass Spice Container box, Masala Dabba with Silver coating Inside spice box
Brass Masala Box with Khalai (tin) Inside Product Details: The brass Hammered  Masala storage box includes 7 set compartments as well as a brass spoon. These spice boxes will be coated with Tin, often known as Kalai coating. This Brass Spice Container comes with...
₹ 14,848 from ₹ 7,424
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Brass Dinner Set, Maharaja Style Dinner Set of 6 Pieces, Dinnerware, Tableware
Ashtok Brass Dinner Set/ Brass Thali Set Product Details: Best Quality Brass Engraved Dinner Set, Thali Set with Beaded Designer Line, Set of 7, Dinnerware, Tableware from Ashtok. This Beautiful Brass Embossed Dinner Set, Thali Set with a Beaded Designer Line,...
₹ 12,868 ₹ 6,434
Kansa Thali Dinner Set, Bronze Tableware, Diameter 11.5 Inches
Best Quality Pure Kansa Thali Dinner Set Tableware Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Introduction: The exquisite Ashtok Kansa Thali Dinner Set a perfect blend of tradition, elegance, and culinary excellence that will...
₹ 11,999 ₹ 6,199
Copper Water Tank, Best Copper Tank Available in Ashtok -16 liter
Copper Water Tank Product Details: A heavy gauge sheet is used to make the pure copper water tank. This cylindrical copper tanki aids in the easy filling of water. Simple to maintain and clean. For keeping drinking water, a copper water...
₹ 12,098 from ₹ 6,049
Bronze Kansa Kadai, Kadai for Cooking, Bronze Wok
Embrace the artistry of cooking with the unparalleled finesse of bronze and kansa kadai a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Elevate your culinary experience with the sophistication and efficiency of high-grade kansa kadai. Crafted with precision and dedication, the...
₹ 9,999 ₹ 5,999
Copper Masala Spice Box with Khalai (tin) Inside Bowls, Masala containers for Kitchen
Copper Spice Container Product Details: Ashtok Copper Masala Box with Khalai in side bowls. Kitchen masala containers are handcrafted from 100% pure copper sheet, with a glossy shine, and an attractive look. Copper masala boxes, also known as dabbas, are traditional Indian...
₹ 15,068 from ₹ 7,534
Brass Cooking Utensils, Brass Fancy Handi for Cooking
Unlock the essence of authentic culinary artistry with the timeless allure of brass cooking utensils. Among the treasures of the kitchen are the exquisite Brass Handi with Khalai and the versatile Brass Veda Handi, both epitomizing culinary finesse and tradition....
₹ 8,799 ₹ 5,499
Copper Handi for Cooking, Copper Serving Bowl
Steel Casserole with Copper Hammered Design and Brass Handles Product Details: Copper Handi is made of 100% pure stainless steel on the inside and copper on the outside. Glass lids are included with serving bowls. The serving handi comes in a...
₹ 10,888 ₹ 5,444
Copper Dinner Set Hammered design, Dinnerware
Ashtok Steel Copper Dinner Set of 2 Bowls, 1 Spoon,  1 glass, and  2 small plates. Product Details: Traditional Dinnerware Made of Stainless Steel and Copper 8 Piece Steel Copper  Thali Set for Authentic Indian Dining. The stunning 8-piece dinner set made of copper...
₹ 10,228 ₹ 5,114
Sold Out
Brass Kadai with lid, Kadai for deep frying, cooking and with kalai lining inside
Brass Cooking Pot, Brass Patila Pan with khalai Coating Inside Product Details: The frypan/Kadai is made of premium brass. It features an amazing classical design on the handle that gives a firm grip. Expert craftspeople in India construct the pan, providing...
₹ 9,898 from ₹ 4,949
Pure Copper Embossed Pan Daan
Pure Copper Embossed Pan Daan Product Details: The Copper pan daan is made of pure copper and has a traditional handcrafted design. The Paan Masala box is divided into two halves by a copper plate. The top portion may be used to store...
₹ 9,899 ₹ 4,949
Pure copper Hammered Mug, Copper Tea Mug Online (Pack of 5 Pcs)
Pure copper Hammered Mug Product Details: The copper mug is made of pure copper and has a hammered pattern that gives the product an antique look. It is available with beading or a folded edge. Ideal for drinking cold drinks such as...
₹ 6,928 ₹ 4,949
Handi Biryani, Cooking Handi for Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Heavy Gauge
Ashtok Biryani Handi | Lagan (Heavy gauge): Handi has a heavy gauge aluminum Sheet with a lid ideal for shallow cooking. Ashtok Biryani Handi is specially made for cooking Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and has a heavy thick base at the bottom. When the word...
₹ 8,898 from ₹ 4,449
Kansa Serving Dish, Bronze Serveware
Best Quality Pure Kansa Serving Dish, Bronze Serveware Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Introduction: The Ashtok Kansa Serving Dish stands as a testament to the seamless blend of aesthetic elegance and functional...
₹ 8,798 from ₹ 4,399
Steel Kadai, Stainless Steel Deep Frying pan
Stainless Steel Kadhai/Wok Product Details: A stainless steel kadhai, also known as a deep frying pan, is a type of cookware used for deep-frying food. It is made from high-quality stainless steel material, which provides durability and resistance to rust and...
₹ 8,798 from ₹ 4,399
Kitchen Storage Box Stainless Steel, Best steel box
Ashtok Kitchen Box Stainless Steel | Stainless Steel Round Cube Shape Kitchen Storage Box Set of 5 Boxes. Storage Boxes are manufactured in stainless steel, extremely durable as it is rust, abrasion, and stain resistant It is an improvisation on...
₹ 8,798 ₹ 4,399
Brass Bucket, Water Bucket With Handle, Best Brass Bucket
Ashtok Pure Brass Bucket Product Details: This bucket is made up of Brass Sheet, fitted with a long handle which makes it easy to lift when filled with water. Ideal to be used for filling water or storing water daily. It comes with...
₹ 8,028 from ₹ 4,014
Kansa Thali for Dinner, Bronze Thali Matt Finish Round Plate Diameter 11.5 Inches
Best Quality Pure Kansa Thali Matt Finish Plate Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Introduction: The Ashtok Kansa plate, an exquisite example of traditional Indian craftsmanship, holds a significant place in the rich...
₹ 7,499 ₹ 3,999
Kansa Thali for Dinner, Bronze Thali Plate Glossy Finish, Diameter 11.5 Inch
Best Quality Pure Kansa Thali Plate Design by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Introduction: In the realm of culinary elegance and cultural preservation, the Kansa plate stands as an exquisite embodiment of India's rich...
₹ 7,499 ₹ 3,999

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