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Brass water Pot, Brass Ghada, Pooja Kalash for Ceremonies
Glossy Polish Pure Brass Pot Product Details: Round pure brass water-filling pot with increased water-holding capabilities. It has a lovely classic appearance and is frequently used to decorate the interiors of homes. In some marital pooja rites, a pure brass pot is...
₹ 9,498 from ₹ 4,749
Brass Water Pot Gold Plated Round Shaped
  Gold Plated Round Shaped Brass Pot Product Details: Pure brass pot with a beautiful gold finish. The gold coating on the brass metal keeps it from oxidizing. It guarantees that the Brass Pot requires less maintenance and is easier to clean....
₹ 10,098 from ₹ 5,049
Brass Pot for Water, Meenakari Pot, Multi colour handcrafted Water Pot, Pooja decoration
 Meenakari Round Brass Pot Product Details: Handcrafted Pure Brass Water Pot with Meena work in Red and Green. The brass Meenakari Ghada features round edges and a broad mouth. Its attractive appearance and qualities make it ideal for use in marital ceremonies...
₹ 10,298 from ₹ 5,149
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