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Irani Chai Set, Aluminum Chai Set, Canteen ware. Handa, Samawar and Patila
Ashtok Copper Irani Tea Set with Tin Coating (Khalai): About the Product: Irani Chai Set Includes 1. Aluminium Handa 2. Aluminium Dabba with Tap 3. Aluminium Milk Patila This set comes in 3 sizes: 1. Tea for 50- 60 Cups 2. For 100-120...
₹ 30,400 from ₹ 15,299
Copper Irani Tea Set, Hyderabadi Irani Chai Set
Copper Irani Chai Set for hotel ware, tea shop, and catering: Product Details: Irani Chai Set is quite famous in Hyderabad. Ashtok is the world's leading maker and seller of Irani chai sets. The following are the product specifications: This collection...
₹ 48,398 from ₹ 24,199
Irani Chai Tea Cups
₹ 10,898 ₹ 5,499
Irani Chai Tea Cups
Ashtok Irani Chai Ceramic 96 Cups and 48 Saucer Set:Indulge in the rich cultural experience of tea-drinking with the Irani Chai Ceramic 96 Cups and 48 Saucer Set, a meticulously crafted ensemble that combines traditional charm with contemporary elegance. This...
₹ 10,898 ₹ 5,499
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