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Gift Item Brass Gangalam, Desert Bowl (10 Pieces Set)
Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl with Handles is made and manufactured with 100% Pure Brass, thin sheet, a product with digital real cutting and embossing with a high level of accuracy, heavy gauge gangal which is MAT finish polished, highly durable,...
₹ 4,800.00 ₹ 2,400.00
Brass Decorative Antique urli, urli Pot with small bells
Brass Urli with Round Hanging Bells and Curved Stand Product Details: The urli bowl is precisely handcrafted by skilled hands, with every fragment perfectly carved and fashioned of high-grade brass.  This beautifully carved brass Urli manufactured by India's skilled craftsmen will...
₹ 9,898.00 from ₹ 4,949.00
Urli Bowl Brass, Decorative Brass Designer Urli (Set of 5)
Home Decorative Plain Brass Urli Potpourri Bowl Product Details: The Brass Urli, also known as a Decorative Bowl, is a stunning piece of art that brings elegance and charm to any space. Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, this...
₹ 6,138.00 from ₹ 3,069.00
50% Off
Urli, Brass urli, Uruli, PotPouri, Home Decor, Design- Hammered.
Ashtok Brass Urli/Pot. Decorative Potpourri BowlWho doesn't want to decorate their house? I am sure everyone wants their house to look the best. We feel proud if someone compliments our house. But it is not easy to find the best...
₹ 7,098.00 ₹ 3,549.00
Brass Decorative Potpourri Bow, Urli decoration.
Brass Home Decor Urli/Uruli, Ashtok panch dhatu brass urli Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Urli is handcrafted, Brass Urli is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass-heavy thick sheet used with digital real embossing with a high level of accuracy. This may be displayed empty,...
₹ 3,898.00 from ₹ 1,949.00
Brass Planter, Brass Handcrafted Decorative Brass Planter Pot, Vase Flower Pot for Decor, Home and Garden
Decorative Brass Planter with Stripes design Product Details: The Antique Brass Planter has a Vertical Stripes pattern with beading around the edge. This planter has a slightly raised pedestal support and a glossy finish on the whole planter. Ideal for plating indoor and...
₹ 3,698.00 from ₹ 1,849.00
Brass Gangalam, Mangala Snanam Set Planter, Brass Handcrafted Gangal for marriage events (Set of 5)
Ashtok Mangala Snanam Set for Wedding Haldi Ceremony (Set of 5) SPECIFICATION:  Size Length(CMS) Breadth(CMS) Height(CMS) Weight(Grams) 6 Inch 16 16 14 800 10 Inch 30 30 28 1380 12 Inch 33 33 31 2020 14 Inch 39 39 38...
₹ 21,000.00 from ₹ 10,500.00
Planter, handmade brass and copper sheets in wonderful designs
Ashtok Brass Copper Planter About the product: Brass Copper Planter comes in a Round shape and is an antique molded planter. It has an engraved design over it with pie crust edges. Two rings are present on both ends of the...
from ₹ 4,879.00
50% Off
Brass Planter, Brass Traditional Shape Handcrafted Decorative Brass Planter Pot, Vase Flower Pot for Decor, Home and Garden, Marriage events planter
Brass Planter with Engraved Floral design Product Details: Brass Planter is an antique molded planter with a round design. It has an etched pattern with pie crust borders all around it. On both ends of the planter, there are two rings that...
₹ 6,377.80 ₹ 3,188.90
Planters, Brass Planters Decorative Round Shape, Brass pots for planters
Stripes design & Round shaped Brass Planter Product Details: Brass Planter with Broad-brimmed Stripes pattern and Round form. This planter includes beading around the open border and slightly elevated pedestal support to sustain the planter's weight. Ideal for growing indoor and outdoor...
₹ 2,416.00 from ₹ 1,208.00
47% Off
Buy Brass Silver Coated Door Decoration Toran items, Silver Mango Leaves Toran.
Product Description: Brass silver Thoranam is made for door-hanging decor. It is made of Brass sheets. it has thread rope to hold the mango leaf. By observing natural mango leaves. At the end of the day, it starts getting dry...
₹ 1,998.00 ₹ 1,049.00
Brass Wooden Trunk Sandook, Treasure Chest Box, Multipurpose Storage Box, Sanduk.
ASHTOK SOLID WOOD TRUNK SANDOOK IN HONEY OAK FINISH Specifications:  Available Dimensions: 30(L)X16(W)X16(H), and 30(L)X18(W)X18(H), ( All Dimensions In Inches).  Description: Handcrafted and Designed with 100 % Pure Brass Sheet On the Wooden Box. Made from high-quality, long-lasting wood with an...
₹ 41,098.00 from ₹ 20,549.00
50% Off
Pure Brass Sheet Handcrafted Wooden Chowki Elephant Design Premium Bajot/Chowki/Peeta/Patla
Ashtok Pure Brass Sheet Handcrafted Wooden Chowki Elephant Design Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Chowki Elephant Design is Handcrafted and created with 100% Pure Brass Sheet on a hardwood stool with digital actual embossing with a high degree of precision, Glossy...
₹ 12,698.00 ₹ 6,349.00
50% Off
Pure Brass Sheet Handcrafted Chowki 8 Sided Polygon Chowki
Pure Brass Sheet Handcrafted Chowki Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Handcrafted Chowki with Brass Sheet on the Wooden Stool is Made and created with 100% Pure Brass Sheet on a wooden stool with digital actual embossing with a high degree of...
₹ 7,698.00 ₹ 3,849.00
Brass Peacock Diya, Deepam with traditional antique design, Diya for home decoration, Gift Item
Pure Brass Traditional Design Peacock Diya     Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Peacock Mahabharat Diya Deepak, Oil lamp is a classic Diya design made of Pure Brass with actual digital embossing and cutting for a high degree of precision, Peacock diya decoration...
₹ 1,898.00 from ₹ 949.00
50% Off
Brass Diya, Diya Traditional Oil Lamp Diya Peacock Design Diya Deepak Oil Lamp, Gift item
Ashtok Antique Brass Diya Peacock Bird Design  Oil lamp diya  Product Details:  Antique Brass Diya Deepak Peacock Bird Design, Oil Lamp is created and made with 100% Pure Brass using digital real embossing and cutting for a high degree of precision,...
₹ 4,698.00 ₹ 2,349.00
50% Off
Brass Hanging Diya, Brass diya for puja, Diya home decoration
Brass Hanging Diya in Lord Vishnu's Chakra Design Product Details: Brass oil lamp with Chakra Symbol This is one of Lord Vishnu's divine symbols that symbolizes the Cycle of Time. The whole item is made of Pure Brass and includes nine oil...
₹ 4,698.00 ₹ 2,349.00
50% Off
Brass Diya with Designer Handle, Diwali Diya, Brass Diya
Brass Diya with Designer Handle: Product Size: Pure Brass Diya with Antique Finish Brass Oil Lamp and Beautiful Design Carved Intricately with Fine Details.  The brass oil lamp is supported on a pedestal that elevates the diya above the ground. People believe...
₹ 6,898.00 ₹ 3,449.00
50% Off
Brass Diya with Peacock Handle, Antique Traditional Aarti Diya
Brass Diya with Peacock Handle Product Details: Beautifully Designed Pure Brass Diya with Stand, Antique Brass oil lamp with one candle holder, and a peacock perched on top of a diya, its tail flowing in a diya-like style. The flower-shaped brass stand...
₹ 2,298.00 ₹ 1,149.00
50% Off
Brass Peacock Diya, Deepam with traditional antique design, Diya for home decoration, Gift Item
Brass peacock Diya Product Details: Beautifully handcrafted peacock carrying a diya in its beak made of pure brass with an antique finish. The entire item is made of pure brass. The brass oil lamp is held on a pedestal that elevates...
₹ 15,298.00 ₹ 7,649.00
Brass Diya with Peacock handle, Deepam, Antique Brass Oil Lamp
Antique Brass Diya with Peacock handle Product Details: Handcrafted pure brass diya with an antique polish. Brass oil lamp with one wick holder and a lovely pattern artistically carved with excellent detailing. The Brass lamp's minute features are all handcrafted. It includes a...
₹ 1,698.00 ₹ 849.00
50% Off
Brass Diyas with Stand, Best Home Decor Oil Lamps, Gift item.
Brass Diyas Attached with Stand  Product Details: Handcrafted pure brass standing diya with an antique finish. Brass peacock standing diya with 2 wick holders and 1 brass stand enhances the diya and provides a gateway-like look. This brass diya depicts two lovely...
₹ 3,299.80 ₹ 1,649.90
50% Off
Brass Diya, Tortoise Leaf Shaped Diya, Brass Deepam Diya
Antique Brass Leaf Shaped tortoise diya Product Details: An oil lamp with a brass leaf-shaped tortoise diya is a handcrafted Antique Pure Brass Tortoise Diya Brass Oil Lamp in the shape of a leaf with one candle holder placed above a...
₹ 898.00 ₹ 449.00
Brass Hanging Oil Lamp, Brass Diya with chain, Brass home decoration
Brass Diya Sangu symboled Brass Hanging oil lamp Product Details: Pure Brass Hanging Diya with Antique Finish Brass Oil Lamp with the Shanku Chakra (Sea Shell) symbol.  The entire item is made of Pure Brass, which includes 9 oil lights, 9 hanging...
₹ 3,498.00 ₹ 1,749.00

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