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Pure Copper Glass, Copper Tumbler
Pure Copper Glass/Tumbler Product Details: Ashtok Best Quality Pure Copper Glass Handcrafted Drinkware, Serveware, and Tableware It is a glass designed for storing and drinking water on a regular basis. The glass has a capacity of 300 ml and a glossy mirror surface....
₹ 38,500 from ₹ 17,688
Pure Copper Glass, Tumbler Export Quality, Drinking Water Glass, Yoga Ayurveda
Ashtok Pure Copper Glass  Product Details: The copper glass has a hammered design over the glass, giving it a nice aesthetic, and the base is flat. It has beading or folded edges. It has a glossy surface, making it appropriate for...
₹ 38,500 from ₹ 17,688
Pure Copper Beer Mug, Cocktail Mug, Moscow Mule Beer Mug
Best Quality Pure Copper Beer Mug, Cocktail Mug, Moscow Mule Beer Mug. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India.  Elevate your drinking experience with our exquisite Copper Beer Mug. Crafted with precision and designed for the...
₹ 165,000 from ₹ 84,499
Copper beer mug Hammered design, Fresh Fruit Juice, Moscow Mule
Copper Beer Mug Product Details: Ashtok presents unique copper mugs for serving Moscow Mules vodka to your friends and family! These copper mugs are not only functional but also decorative for your home bar. The mug is hand-crafted for an...
₹ 1,758 ₹ 899
Pure Copper Water Glass, Tumbler
Pure Copper Water Glass Product Details: Pure Copper Water Glass is made, produced, and manufactured from 100% pure copper sheet with a high level of precision, and a glossy mirror finish polish. Excellent for everyday drinking water. This is a Premium export-quality...
₹ 988 from ₹ 494
Pure Copper Glass, Tumbler Handcrafted in Luxury Design Drinkware, Serveware
Pure Copper Tumbler with Designed Stripe Product Details: Plain  Copper Glass is made of pure copper and is commonly used to drink water every day. The glass has a capacity of 300 ml and a glossy mirror surface. It is used to drink water; nevertheless,...
₹ 1,868 from ₹ 934
Stripe Designed Pure Copper Water Glass Capacity 250 ml
Stripe Designed Pure Copper Water Glass Product Details: Copper Glass comes with a Stripes design over the glass and is made of Pure Copper. It comes with a beading or folded edge. This Glass acts as the perfect drinkware that can be...
₹ 582 from ₹ 417
Pure Copper Glass with stainless Steel body, Stainless Steel Copper Glass (Pack of 12)
Pure Copper Glass with Stainless Steel body Product Details: Copper Glass is made from copper and steel of the highest quality. It comes in an appealing appearance and offers all pure copper's inherent advantages. It fits every home perfectly. These Steel Copper Glasses are...
₹ 8,028 ₹ 4,014
Copper Carafe with Non-Slip Mat hammered design Capacity - 400Ml
Small Copper Carafe with Non-slip Mat at the bottom Product Details: A small hammered copper carafe. It has a non-slip mat at the bottom to keep the carafe from sliding off. This Copper Carafe is meant to be used as a bedside carafe....
₹ 154,000 from ₹ 56,760
Pure Copper Lota with glossy finish and stripes design
Glossy polished stripe-designed copper lota Product Details: Pure copper Lota with a shiny finish and striped design for an elegant look. The Copper Kalash's main body is molded in a round shape. To get the full advantages of copper, store water overnight...
₹ 1,208 ₹ 604
Pure Copper Lota with Glossy finish
Glossy finished copper lota Product Details: It is made of pure copper and has a glossy finish. It is widely used to carry drinking water and is also used in worship. The Copper Kalash is a unique puja item fashioned from high-quality...
₹ 966 from ₹ 483
Copper Hammered Design Lassi Glass, Drinkware & Serveware for Lassi Glass 500 ml (Pack of 2 Pcs)
Best Quality Pure Copper Hammered Design Lassi Glass. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India.      Introducing our exquisite Copper Hammered Design Lassi Glass a timeless blend of tradition and elegance. Crafted...
₹ 2,221 ₹ 1,599
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