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Wedding Rolu Rokali on Rent, Brass Wooden Okhli Mussal Set For Rent
When it comes to celebrating weddings, each ritual and tradition holds a special place, resonating with cultural significance and heartfelt emotions. Among these cherished customs, the Haldi ceremony stands out as a vibrant and joyous occasion. To infuse this celebration...
₹ 10,999 from ₹ 6,599
Wedding Rolu Rokali for Rent, Brass Ohkli Mussal, Rolu Rokali for Haldi Cerenomy
In the vibrant city of Hyderabad, weddings are a grand affair, resonating with cultural traditions and rituals. Among these, the haldi ceremony holds a special place, adorned with unique items like Rolu Rokali and Brass Okhli Mussal. These elements, significant...
₹ 9,999 from ₹ 5,999
Brass Rolu Rokali, Okhli Mussal, Rokali for Haldi Ceremony, Marriage Events
Brass Rolu Rokali, Okhli Mussal, Rokali for Haldi Ceremony. Unfortunately, modern living does not accommodate traditional tools like the issurrai, chaata, and rolu and rokali. In contrast to chaata, which washed rice, issurrai acted as a mill by grinding pulses....
₹ 46,088 ₹ 23,044
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