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Brass Plate Tambalam, Brass Thali Traditional hammered design, Marriage Gift Item
Hammered Brass Parat Product Details: Large plate made of Pure Brass with a hammered pattern. Brass Parat features elevated boundaries to appropriately occupy the components and to provide simple, spill-free mixing. Brass parat is composed of strong gauge brass and is extremely...
₹ 3,628 from ₹ 1,814
Pooja ki Thali Flower Shape Design, Brass Pooja Thali, Gift article
Ashtok  Pure Brass Pooja Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design Product Details: Ashtok Brass Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design, Pooja ki Thali plate, the thali is premium quality multipurpose brass thali made in high-quality 100% pure brass metal sheet handcrafted with glossy mirror polish....
₹ 1,208 from ₹ 604
Brass Plate, Brass thali, parat Round Shape, Brass Gift Item
Brass stripe designed parat Product Details: Big plate made of Pure Brass with an interior circular ring pattern. Brass Parat features elevated edges that allow the components to be adequately occupied while also allowing for simple spill-free mixing. Brass parat is...
₹ 3,144 from ₹ 1,572
Meenakari Thali Plate, Stainless Steel Thali Parat, Marrage Decoration Item
Product Description: A steel meenakari plate is a decorative plate made of steel that is decorated with Meenakari enamel work. Meenakari is a form of art in which metal surfaces are decorated with bright colors and patterns? The steel plates are...
₹ 6,699 from ₹ 4,499
Brass Parat and lota set, Brass Plate and lota handcrafted meenakari design, Pooja thali Lota set for marrage gift item
Product Details: Ashtok Brass Silver Coated beautiful Stonework Parat and Sarwa is designed and manufactured with 100% Pure Brass Sheet with real embossing with a high level of accuracy, Glossy finish polish. This is a Premium export quality product ensuring...
₹ 12,098 ₹ 6,049
Brass Parat, Brass Plate handcrafted meenakari design, Pooja ki thali for marrage gift item
Brass peacock designed meenakari parat Product Details: Large plate in pure brass meenakari. Meena's work has been done on brass metal by fusing beautiful colors that are embellished in an elaborate style over it. It has a lovely peacock pattern in...
₹ 7,699 from ₹ 4,949
Brass Parat, Brass Plate handcrafted, Engraved Peacock Design, Pooja thali
Brass Parat in peacock nakshee design Product Details: Large circular plate made of Pure Brass. The Brass Parat features a beautifully engraved pattern of a peacock in the center with a sunflower circling it. This lovely brass parat will complement the décor...
₹ 4,112 from ₹ 2,056
Brass Parat, Brass Plate handcrafted, Pooja thali
Brass Parat in laser design hexagon shape  Product Details: Large plate made of Pure Brass in a decagonal circular form. The Brass Parat has been beautifully laser printed with a peacock in the center and flowers all around. This lovely brass parat...
₹ 4,838 from ₹ 2,419
Brass Plate, Brass handcrafted Nakshee Tapku Plate, Pooja thali, plate
Pure Brass Laser Printed Nakshee Tapku Brass Plate Product Details: The pooja plate is made of brass sheets and is known as "Nakshee Tapku" for its laser-printed design. The Nakshee design can be found on the edges of this Pooja plate. The...
₹ 1,032 from ₹ 516
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