Brass Box, Brass Storage box, Masala Box Orginiser for Kitchen, Gift box
Ashtok Brass Spice Box, Masala Dabba Product Details: A brass masala box, also known as a brass spice box, is tiny enough to fit into any place and comes with 5 set boxes organized inside the main box. The Spice Box contains...
₹1,898.00 ₹949.00
Brass Patila with tin lining khalai, Brass Hammered Tope Topia, Patila Bhaguna Cooking Set, Special Silver coating under utensil
Pure Brass Hammered khalai tin coating cooking tope with lid Product Details: Brass Bogana/Patila heavy-gauge handcrafted utensil with khalai tin-coated inside. Cooking utensils made of brass can keep the heat for a long time and transmit heat and oil swiftly and...
₹3,918.00 from ₹1,959.00
Brass Urli Bowl, Decorative Brass Designer Urli Flower Candles Floating Bowing Brass Pot Home Décor
Home Decorative Plain Brass Urli Potpourri Bowl Product Details: The pure Brass Urli commonly referred to as a decorative bowl, handles are fitted to the sides of this brass decorative bowl for easy carrying and handling. Brass generates a Divine sound that aids...
₹5,200.00 from ₹2,600.00
Brass Patila, Tope for Every day Cooking, Brass Tope Topia, Patila Bhaguna Cooking Set, Special Silver coating under utensil
Ashtok Pure Brass Tope/Patila, Brass Tope with khalai Product Details: Plain Brass Tope, also known as Brass Patila, is tin coated from the inside. The top is protected with a Stainless Steel Lid. Brass Kalai Tope retains heat, allowing food to stay hot for...
₹2,698.00 from ₹1,349.00
Brass Box, Masala Box, Stroge box, Dabba, Gift Item (Pack of 5)
Pure Brass Spice Box, Masala Dabba Product Details: The brass box is composed of pure brass and comes with a transparent lid to protect it from dust. This box is great for storing and displaying various objects such as dried fruits,...
₹6,600.00 ₹3,300.00
Masala box Kitchen, Brass Spice Container box, Masala Dabba with Silver coating Inside spice box
Brass Masala Box with Khalai (tin) Inside Product Details: The brass Hammered  Masala storage box includes 7 set compartments as well as a brass spoon. These spice boxes will be coated with Tin, often known as Kalai coating. This Brass Spice Container comes with...
₹13,498.00 from ₹6,749.00
Brass Bowl Mixing Set, Cake Mixing Bowl, Fruit Salad Bowl.
Ashtok Brass Mixing Bowl otherwise called Gampa Product Details: Brass Multipurpose Mixing Bowl Ashtok has brought a brass bowl for your home cooking. The Brass Bowl is concave, and the edges are nonabrasive for the user's protection. From generation to generation, brass bowls...
₹2,898.00 from ₹1,449.00
Brass Attached Serving Bowls Set with Solid Handle, Multipurpose Brass Chopala for Kitchen (Pack of 6)
Premium Brass Chopala Serving Bowl. Product Details: The Brass Chopala has four bowls attached, and a handle is provided to carry it. It is made of thick Brass sheets. The edges are non-abrasive to keep the hands safe while using them....
₹9,600.00 ₹4,800.00
Pichkari for holi online, Holi pichkari Brass, Best holi pump
Brass Holi Water Pichkari Product Details: The Pressure Water Gun is made of BRASS Metal and has a long-lasting shine. Aesthetic design with a lovely pattern and attractive appearance. Holi is a colorful festival in which holi pichkari guns are utilized....
₹5,098.00 from ₹2,549.00
Brass Kitchen Storage Box, Kitchen Organiser Box, Kitchen essentials storage container
About the Product: The brass storage box is made up of Pure Brass and comes along with a Brass Lid for protection. It comes with a Hammered designed pattern all over the box the kitchen storage box is essential for any kitchen,...
₹3,297.80 from ₹1,648.90
Brass Masala Box, Spice Container with 7 Compartments with Meenakari design on the Lid, 7 Inch
Brass Spice Container: Product Details: Our spice container is made of pure brass, which is corrosion-resistant. It is manufactured indigenously using old methods, which may help in providing immune advantages to your diet. Outstanding Design: The Ashtok handcrafted masala box container...
₹4,798.00 ₹2,399.00
Brass Lota, Kalash, Pooja Lota, Puja Lota, Karwachauth Lota, Diwali, Mandir, Temple, Festival, Marriage, Wedding
Ashtok Pure Brass Lota, Pital Lota Product Details: Pure Brass Lota is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass sheet handcrafted work with digital actual embossing with a high degree of accuracy, lacquer finish polish, and a high level of accuracy. Highly...
₹898.00 from ₹449.00
Chowki for Puja, Pure Brass Sheet Handcrafted Chowki, 4 Sided Rectangle Chowki
Brass Sheet Wooden Chowki Product Details: Ashtok Brass Sheet Handcrafted Chowki 4 Side Rectangle Design. Product from Ashtok Pure Brass Handcrafted Chowki with Brass Sheet on the wooden stool is Handcrafted and designed with 100% Pure Brass Sheet on a wooden...
₹8,998.00 ₹4,499.00
German Silver Kum Kum Box, Kum Kum Box handcrafted, best Sindoor box, Gift Item
Product Description :  Ashtok Product Pure Brass Silver Coated Kum Kum Box is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass thick sheet used with digital real embossing with a high level of accuracy, which is lacquer finish polish, Highly durable,...
₹2,300.00 ₹1,150.00
Brass Glass, Brass water glass handcrafted Capacity 200ml
Ashtok Pure Brass Glass / Brass Tumbler Product Details: This beautiful Ashtok Pure Brass Glass / Tumbler Serveware & Drinkware can be used as a home decor item or gifted to friends and family. Also, with this brilliant decor piece, you can make...
₹1,098.00 ₹549.00
Brass Bonalu Matka Pot, Brass water pot for Banalu decoration, Handcrafted hammered designed
Brass water pot, Hammered round Ghada. Product Details: Ashtok Hammered Round Brass lota is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass sheet with beautiful detail handcrafted and lacquered, Lacquer is used for potentially shiny finishes which give long life shine to...
₹4,498.00 from ₹2,249.00
Brass Antique Heavy Weight Stool, Elephant Pillar Design Leg, Pooja Brass Chowki - Bajot
Antique Brass Stool with Elephant Legs Product Details: The Brass Stool is an antique design with three elephant legs. This Brass Chowki is decorated with floral art and elephant-shaped pillars for an attractive look that adds to its elegance. Due to its ancient appearance, it...
₹4,898.00 from ₹2,449.00
Brass Chain, Pital ki Chain, Keychain Brass, Key Ring.
Ashtok Brass Chain | Pital ki Chain | Keychain Brass | Key Ring Product Details: The chain is made of brass and has twisted designs running from top to bottom. This brass chain, sometimes known as a roller chain, is offered as a...
₹1,498.00 from ₹749.00
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Brass Tortoise Diya Antique, Deepam Brass Home Decor
Antique Brass tortoise diya Product Details: Antique Hand Carved Pure Brass Tortoise Diya. Brass oil lamp in the shape of a bowl with one wick holder affixed above a brass turtle facing north. The pure brass diya is artistically carved with...
₹2,298.00 ₹1,149.00
Brass Biryani Handi With Lid For Dum Biryani, Cooking Vessel
Brass Biryani Handi With Lid For Dum Biryani, Cooking Vessel: One of the dishes well-known in many regions of the world is Biryani. Individuals love and cook Biryani in the entirety of their unique events. Individuals all throughout the planet...
₹12,098.00 from ₹6,049.00
Brass Kumkum Box, Brass Sindoor box round shape, Set of 2 Pieces, Sindoor ki Dani Size 2x2 Inch, Best Gift Item
Ashtok Pure Brass Sindoor Box Flower Shape Product Details: Kumkum Box is Made of 100% pure brass, with a glossy shine and a fashionable look. Very convenient and portable. The Best Product for Sindoor Storage may also be used as a...
₹698.00 ₹349.00
Planters, Brass Planters Decorative Round Shape, Brass pots for planters
Stripes design & Round shaped Brass Planter Product Details: Brass Planter with Broad-brimmed Stripes pattern and Round form. This planter includes beading around the open border and slightly elevated pedestal support to sustain the planter's weight. Ideal for growing indoor and outdoor...
₹2,416.00 from ₹1,208.00
Brass Dinner Set, Maharaja Style Dinner Set of 6 Pieces, Dinnerware, Tableware
Ashtok Brass Dinner Set/ Brass Thali Set Product Details: Best Quality Brass Engraved Dinner Set, Thali Set with Beaded Designer Line, Set of 7, Dinnerware, Tableware from Ashtok. This Beautiful Brass Embossed Dinner Set, Thali Set with a Beaded Designer Line,...
₹11,698.00 ₹5,849.00
Brass Bell, Brass Antique bell handcrafted ceiling hanging bell
Brass Wall Hanging Bell  Product Details: The Ashtok Hanging Bell with Antique Look is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass molding handcrafted, colored with digital actual embossing with a high level of precision, and polished with a lacquer finish. A ghanti...
₹3,298.00 ₹1,649.00

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