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Brass Sweet Plate handcrafted Bowl, Brass Plate, Gift Item (Dia 5 Inches)
Pure Brass Sweet Plate with Flower Embossed Design Product Details: In a world where beauty meets functionality, the Handmade Brass Sweet Plate stands out as a timeless piece of art. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this exquisite...
₹ 60,000 from ₹ 30,800
Brass Box, Brass Storage box, Masala Box Orginiser for Kitchen, Gift box
Ashtok Brass Spice Box, Masala Dabba Product Details: A brass masala box, also known as a brass spice box, is tiny enough to fit into any place and comes with 5 set boxes organized inside the main box. The Spice Box contains...
₹ 90,000 from ₹ 42,120
Brass Bowl Mixing Set, Cake Mixing Bowl, Fruit Salad Bowl.
Ashtok Brass Mixing Bowl otherwise called Gampa Product Details: Brass Multipurpose Mixing Bowl Ashtok has brought a brass bowl for your home cooking. The Brass Bowl is concave, and the edges are nonabrasive for the user's protection. From generation to generation, brass bowls...
₹ 2,898 from ₹ 1,449
Brass Patila with tin lining khalai, Brass Hammered Tope Topia, Patila Bhaguna Cooking Set, Special Silver coating under utensil
Pure Brass Hammered khalai tin coating cooking tope with lid Product Details: Brass Bhogana/Patila heavy-gauge handcrafted utensil with khalai tin-coated inside. Cooking utensils made of brass can keep the heat for a long time and transmit heat and oil swiftly and...
₹ 1,539 from ₹ 1,099
Urli Bowl Brass, Brass Decorative Bowl (Dia 5 Inches)
Home Decorative Plain Brass Urli Potpourri Bowl Product Details: The Brass Urli, also known as a Decorative Bowl, is a stunning piece of art that brings elegance and charm to any space. Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, this...
₹ 140,000 from ₹ 63,600
Brass Patila, Tope for Every day Cooking, Brass Tope Topia, Patila Bhaguna Cooking Set, Special Silver coating under utensil
Ashtok Pure Brass Tope/Patila, Brass Tope with khalai  Product Details: Plain Brass Tope, also known as Brass Patila, is tin coated from the inside. The top is protected with a Stainless Steel Lid. Brass Kalai Tope retains heat, allowing food to stay hot for...
₹ 799 from ₹ 559
Brass Masala Box, Traditional Spice Box, Brass Container Box With 7 Compartments
Best Quality Pure Brass Masala Box Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Elevate your culinary experience with our meticulously crafted Brass Masala Box, a timeless piece that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetic...
₹ 1,739 ₹ 1,239
Brass Box, Masala Box, Stroge box, Dabba, Gift Item (Dia 4 Inches)
Pure Brass Puri Box, Brass Storage Box Product Details: The brass box is composed of pure brass and comes with a transparent lid to protect it from dust. This box is great for storing and displaying various objects such as dried...
₹ 60,000 from ₹ 30,680
Brass Masala Box, Spice Container with 7 Compartments with Meenakari design on the Lid (Dia :- 7 Inch)
Brass Spice Container: Product Details: Our spice container is made of pure brass, which is corrosion-resistant. It is manufactured indigenously using old methods, which may help in providing immune advantages to your diet. Outstanding Design: The Ashtok handcrafted masala box container...
₹ 3,239 ₹ 2,309
Brass Kitchen Storage Box, Kitchen Organiser Box, Kitchen essentials storage container
About the Product: The brass storage box is made up of Pure Brass and comes along with a Brass Lid for protection. It comes with a Hammered designed pattern all over the box the kitchen storage box is essential for any kitchen,...
₹ 3,298 from ₹ 1,649
Brass Plate Tambalam, Brass Thali Traditional hammered design, Marriage Gift Item
Hammered Brass Parat Product Details: Large plate made of Pure Brass with a hammered pattern. Brass Parat features elevated boundaries to appropriately occupy the components and to provide simple, spill-free mixing. Brass parat is composed of strong gauge brass and is extremely...
₹ 3,298 from ₹ 1,649
Brass Attached Serving Bowls Set with Solid Handle, Multipurpose Brass Chopala for Kitchen
Premium Brass Chopala Serving Bowl. Product Details: The Brass Chopala has four bowls attached, and a handle is provided to carry it. It is made of thick Brass sheets. The edges are non-abrasive to keep the hands safe while using them....
₹ 2,998 from ₹ 1,499
Masala box Kitchen, Brass Spice Container box, Masala Dabba with Silver coating Inside spice box
Brass Masala Box with Khalai (tin) Inside Product Details: The brass Hammered  Masala storage box includes 7 set compartments as well as a brass spoon. These spice boxes will be coated with Tin, often known as Kalai coating. This Brass Spice Container comes with...
₹ 13,498 from ₹ 6,749
Brass Lota , Handmade Lota Kalash Oval Shaped , Brass Lota for Puja
Ashtok Plain Oval Shaped Brass LotaProduct Details: Pital ka lota or Oval Shaped Pure Brass Lota Oval-Shaped Brass Lota is made entirely of pure brass and is handmade in India. Its distinctiveness stems from its form as well as the shiny finish....
₹ 499 from ₹ 299
Brass Handi, Brass Cooking Tope, Brass Utensils, Brass Serveware
Product Description:- Introducing our exquisite Brass Handi a timeless culinary masterpiece that combines both form and function to elevate your cooking and dining experience. Crafted with precision and passion, this handi is the embodiment of traditional Indian cookware, revered for its...
₹ 1,739 from ₹ 1,239
Brass Bowl, Multipurpose Brass Wati Bowl, Storage Bowl
Best Quality Pure Brass Bowl Multipurpose Storage Wati Bowl. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Introduction: Introducing our exquisite Brass Bowl, a timeless piece of craftsmanship that seamlessly blends elegance and utility. Crafted...
₹ 70,000 from ₹ 38,160
Brass Rose Water Sprinkler, Brass Paneer Bottle, Sprinkler bottle for holy water (Height 8 Inches)
Best Quality Pure Brass Paneer Sprinkler bottle for holy water. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Elevate your dining and hosting experience with our exquisite Brass Panner Bottle, a symbol of timeless...
₹ 60,000 from ₹ 25,000
Fruit Bowl Brass Gifting Bowl Handmade Handcrafted (Dia 5 Inches)
Ashtok Pure Brass Fruit Bowl is handcrafted Product Details: Indulge in the charm of timeless craftsmanship with o ur exquisite Handcrafted Brass Fruit Bowl. This circular bowl, meticulously created with utmost care, boasts a stunning design that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal....
₹ 40,000 from ₹ 23,320
Brass Decorative Bowl, Round Shaped for Puja Purpose, Brass Vati
Best Quality Brass Decorative Bowl, Round Shaped for Puja Purpose. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Description: Elevate your home decor with our exquisite Brass Bowl, a masterpiece of craftsmanship that combines timeless...
₹ 25,000 from ₹ 11,670
Brass Turkish Tandoori Chai for Making Tea, Hotel Utensils
Best Quality Pure Brass Turkish Tandoori Chai for Making Tea. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India.  The Brass Tandoori Chai Set is a stunning and unique addition to any tea lover's collection....
₹ 2,999 ₹ 1,999
Navratri Special Round Polished Brass Plate, Puja Plate (Dia 7 Inches)
Product Details: Introducing our exquisite Brass Puja Plate, an enduring item created with care and attention to detail to improve your spiritual rituals. Your devotional practises will be elevated to new heights by this divine accessory, which is a symbol...
₹ 50,000 from ₹ 23,380
Gift Item, Brass Plate for Pooja Engraved Printed Peacock Design Inside (Dia 6 Inches)
Product Details: In the realm of spiritual practices, the act of performing a pooja holds immense significance. It is a time-honored tradition that connects us with the divine, fostering a sense of devotion and tranquility. To elevate your pooja experience...
₹ 70,000 from ₹ 38,160
Brass Dekchi, Cooking Pot with Tin coating khalai inside, Brass Cooking Vessel
Brass Cooking Dekchi: Product Details: Brass Dekchi, a cooking pot with a tin coating (Kalai) inside. Indian Brass Cooking Pot. It is an elegant Pot that may be used to hold water or as cookware. It is made of a thick...
₹ 1,579 from ₹ 1,129
Brass Masala Box, Spice Box
Spice Masala Container: Product Details: Ashtok has the best brass spice box for storing Indian spices. For your kitchen, essentials Ashtok has brought the  Brass Masala Box. The Spice Box is entirely made of brass and was handcrafted using traditional methods....
₹ 70,000 from ₹ 29,640

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