Our Foundation:

Star Handicrafts- Traditionally founded and started in 1912, we are established manufacturer, exporter and supplier of wide range of products in India which includes Copperware, Brass ware, Bronze ware, Steel ware, Silver Plated & Spiritual Items. Our strong Objective and moto is to encourage the talent of Indian artisans who produces handcrafted goods, which are of exceptional quality. After gaining customers great response and utmost faith towards our handmade products traditionally, the company has jumped on the bandwagon, and released a new version of it by making it digitalized.


Ashtok - A new Version!

In the year 2019, Ashtok - an e-commerce platform was established to promote Indian Handicrafts all over the globe. Ashtok, a company with utmost liking and respect to these artisans has come up as a pioneer to re-establish the hidden talent of them by giving a platform to those forgotten and forbidden arts. Through the online means of Ashtok, we intend to reach our customers at considerable pace with same quality of products at our physical stores. A user- friendly website has been developed with swift navigations and minimal step towards check outs to place order easily. All the products have real and clear images of the product, a detailed description for easy understanding to the customers.

Revive the vintage era and begin a healthy living!

Since centuries metal utensils are used in India. Ayurveda also prescribes such utensils to cure various ailments as they are considered to provide innumerable health benefits. Our body needs base metals like Copper, Zinc, Tin, iron etc for better health. In Ayurveda many metal powder (bhasma) is prescribed to cure many diseases. At present, it is still a common practice in many parts of India to use brass and copper utensils for cooking and water stored in Copper pot and bottles for drinking. With an intention to combine the Arts with the health benefits Copper, Brass and Bronze metals possess, our products are a combination of both- Traditional Art and health.

Ashtok- One stop store to all your home essentials:

At ashtok, we provide all the Home essentials in Copper and Brass products. We deal with Copper & Brass Drinkware, Copper & Brass Cookware, Copper & Brass Serveware, Copper & Brass kitchen storage items, copper & Brass Tableware. We have beautiful Home decor items that will embellish your interiors. We also deal with german silver items that could be great choice for gifting it to your dear ones. In addition to these, we also sell Copper and Brass pooja accessories that will adorn the temple interiors.
Get a wide range of variety of products used in marriage ceremonies, auspicious occasions like Pooja gatherings, holy rituals, house warming ceremonies, etc.
Hence ultimately, we aim at customer satisfaction, recognition of the hidden talents of India, promoting the cultural Handmade goods and tradition of India in all over the world.

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