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Handi Biryani with lid flat base, Biryani Pot Best Utensil for biryani
Name Food Capacity Diameter Thickness Biryani Handi with lid  2Kg,3Kg,4Kg,5Kg,6Kg, 7Kg, 8Kg, 10Kg, 12Kg.  13inch, 14inch, 15inch, 16inch, 17inch, 20inch, 22inch, 24inch, 26inch. 12 Gauge   Ashtok Biryani Handi | Lagan (Jointless) - Biryani Handi consists of a Heavy Gauge Aluminum Sheet...
₹ 7,796 from ₹ 3,898
Handi Biryani, Cooking Handi for Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Heavy Gauge
Ashtok Biryani Handi | Lagan (Heavy gauge): Handi has a heavy gauge aluminum Sheet with a lid ideal for shallow cooking. Ashtok Biryani Handi is specially made for cooking Hyderabadi Dum Biryani and has a heavy thick base at the bottom. When the word...
₹ 8,898 from ₹ 4,449
Biryani Handi with Lid, Hotel Cookware, Biryani Handi with Collar
Ashtok Thick Aluminium Biryani Handi Pot.One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Biryani. People love and cook Biryani on all their special occasions. People around the world are familiar with this dish. It is one of the...
₹ 7,698 from ₹ 3,849
Copper Biryani Handi with Tin Coating(Khalai) Heavy Guage
Ashtok Copper Heavy Bottom Biryani Cooking Handi Pot. Tin Coating (Khalai) Inside It. Dum Biryani Cooking Vessel. One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Biryani. People love and cook Biryani on all their special occasions....
₹ 21,999 from ₹ 15,399
copper biryani handi with lid
₹ 22,636 from ₹ 11,318
copper biryani handi with lid
Copper Cooking Handi for Hyderabadi Biryani with Lid Product Details: This Is A High-Quality Product. Ideal For Cooking Food On Gas Stoves. Serve Delicious Food In Style To Your Guests And Grab Compliments Instantly. Made Of High-Quality Copper Material, They Are...
₹ 22,636 from ₹ 11,318
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Brass Biryani Handi With Lid For Dum Biryani, Cooking Vessel
Brass Biryani Handi With Lid For Dum Biryani, Cooking Vessel: One of the dishes well-known in many regions of the world is Biryani. Individuals love and cook Biryani in the entirety of their unique events. Individuals all throughout the planet...
₹ 13,308 from ₹ 6,654
Biryani Handi Non Stick with Stainless Steel Lid, Multipurpose Pots Set Use for Home Kitchen or Restaurant
Hyderabadi Biryani Cooking Handi Product Details: Nonstick Biryani Cooking Handi with Stainless Steel Lid A high-quality cookware set may make biryani cooking easier and more enjoyable. Nonstick utensils use less oil to cook with and are simple to clean. The nonstick...
₹ 9,898 from ₹ 4,999
Lagan Aluminium Fish Frying Pan, Best Lagan Pan for Shallow Cooking and Frying Pan
Aluminium Lagan Pot with Aluminium Lid. Langari Tope for Cooking and Frying. Aluminum Lagan Pot for your Kitchen One of the dishes popular in most parts of the world is Lagan Gosht. People love and cook Lagan Gosht on all their...
₹ 3,898 from ₹ 1,949
Irani Chai Set, Aluminum Chai Set, Canteen ware. Handa, Samawar and Patila
Ashtok Copper Irani Tea Set with Tin Coating (Khalai): About the Product: Irani Chai Set Includes 1. Aluminium Handa 2. Aluminium Dabba with Tap 3. Aluminium Milk Patila This set comes in 3 sizes: 1. Tea for 50- 60 Cups 2. For 100-120...
₹ 30,400 from ₹ 15,299
Copper Irani Tea Set, Hyderabadi Irani Chai Set
Copper Irani Chai Set for hotel ware, tea shop, and catering: Product Details: Irani Chai Set is quite famous in Hyderabad. Ashtok is the world's leading maker and seller of Irani chai sets. The following are the product specifications: This collection...
₹ 48,398 from ₹ 24,199
Mandi Plate, Thala Stainless Steel With 3 Bowls Arabian Mandi Plate Diameter 26 Inches
Stainless Steel Large Plate with 3 Bowls: Product Description: Ashtok created a daily-use Stainless Steel Serving and Dining Plate with 3 bowls. Because it is composed of stainless steel, it is both sturdy and long-lasting. When hot food is placed on...
₹ 3,098 ₹ 1,599
Steel Meals Plate, Thali Meals, SouthIndian Thali
Plate Full Meals Thali Stainless Steel, Rectangular Stainless Steel Meals Plate Product Details: The Stainless Steel Compartment Plate is broad, rectangular, and perfectly sized. Nontoxic Stainless Steel products with a protective oxide layer that prevents rust formation. This sturdy plate has...
₹ 1,498 from ₹ 749
Kunafa Plate, Arabic Sweet Kunafa Plate, Thick Sheet Pan Model, Shredded Phyllo Kunefe Dough Tray
Ashtok Kunafa Plate         Product Details: Kunafa Sweet Pan is made with Aluminum Thick Sheet. Shredded Phyllo Kunefe Dough Tray. The Best Kunafa Plate is manufactured for good outcomes. The aluminum plate appears to have highly accurate heating capabilities for the...
₹ 798 from ₹ 469
Pure Copper Plate with Circular Ring Design, Dinner Plate
Ashtok Pure Copperplate Product Details: A Copper Plate Thali is a type of traditional plate commonly used in India and other South Asian countries. It is typically made of copper and is used for serving food, particularly during traditional meals and ceremonies. A...
₹ 1,319 from ₹ 780
Copper Dinner Set Hammered design, Dinnerware
Ashtok Steel Copper Dinner Set of 2 Bowls, 1 Spoon,  1 glass, and  2 small plates. Product Details: Traditional Dinnerware Made of Stainless Steel and Copper 8 Piece Steel Copper  Thali Set for Authentic Indian Dining. The stunning 8-piece dinner set made of copper...
₹ 10,228 ₹ 5,114
Brass Thali Dinner set of 6, Mughlai Style, Embossed Design, Beaded Lining
Pure Brass Hammered 6 Piece Dinner Set Product Details: Brass Dinner Set with 1 plate/thali, 2 bowls, 1 glass, and 2 spoons The Big plate is surrounded by high borders. It may be used to serve rice dishes or appetizers. Three...
₹ 6,928 ₹ 3,464
Brass Patila with tin lining khalai, Brass Hammered Tope Topia, Patila Bhaguna Cooking Set, Special Silver coating under utensil
Pure Brass Hammered khalai tin coating cooking tope with lid Product Details: Brass Bhogana/Patila heavy-gauge handcrafted utensil with khalai tin-coated inside. Cooking utensils made of brass can keep the heat for a long time and transmit heat and oil swiftly and...
₹ 1,693 from ₹ 1,209
Brass Khalai Dish With Handle and Lid, Brass Stew Pan with Handle, Brass Utensils, Brass Patila
Best Quality Pure Brass Khalai Dish With Handle and Lid, Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. The Brass Stew Pan with Handle is the epitome of sophistication and functionality, designed to elevate...
₹ 6,522 from ₹ 4,699
Brass Patila, Tope for Every day Cooking, Brass Tope Topia, Patila Bhaguna Cooking Set, Special Silver coating under utensil
Ashtok Pure Brass Tope/Patila, Brass Tope with khalai  Product Details: Plain Brass Tope, also known as Brass Patila, is tin coated from the inside. The top is protected with a Stainless Steel Lid. Brass Kalai Tope retains heat, allowing food to stay hot for...
₹ 879 from ₹ 615
Tea Kettle Pot, Copper Designer Mughlai Tea Pot with Tin Lining Inside
Hammered Copper Kettle Product Details: The copper kettle has a brass handle and a brass nozzle. The Brass handle is fitted to the Copper Kettle separately to make it non-heatable. Pure Copper Kettle in a traditional style. Copper kettles are tinned from...
₹ 4,999 from ₹ 2,649
Brass tea pot, Brass hammered designer Tea Pot , Kettle Tin Lining Inside, Serving Tea Coffee, Tableware, Serveware
Brass Tea Pot / Tea Kettle Product Details: Pure Brass Kettle in a traditionally designed. The Hammered Brass Kettle features a separately screwed handle that is not heatable. It makes the Kettle easier to handle or transport. On a residential...
₹ 3,848 from ₹ 1,924
Cooker, Brass Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker 5 Liter
Ashtok Pure Brass Cooker with Tin Coating(Khalai Coating) Product Details: High-quality Brass Pressure Cooker has handles attached to it for easy lifting and handling with Kalai-tinned inside. The presence of Kalai within the Brass Cooker avoids the acidic interaction of food with brass...
₹ 17,599 from ₹ 11,549
Brass Turkish Tandoori Chai for Making Tea, Hotel Utensils
Best Quality Pure Brass Turkish Tandoori Chai for Making Tea. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India.  The Brass Tandoori Chai Set is a stunning and unique addition to any tea lover's collection....
₹ 3,299 ₹ 2,199
Steel Serving Handi Bowl, Stainless steel biryani serving handi, hotel ware, tableware
Ashtok Stainless Steel Handi Biryani Handi Product Details: The Handi is made of high-quality stainless steel, which ensures its longevity. It is quite stable and strong. Steel handi is ideal for everyday use The handi is the appropriate solution for a...
₹ 1,098 from ₹ 549

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