Brass Turkish Bowl Gift Item, Decorative Turkish Serving Brass Bowl (Multicolour)
About the Product: The brass fruit bowl comes with an engraved peacock design and is gold-plated. The curved edges have a peacock design that adds an elegant look to the bowl. It has a pedestal support to hold the bowl firmly....
₹2,098 ₹1,049
Brass Fruit Bowl, Home Decor Bowl, Table ware, Home Decor Bowl, Gift Item
Brass Round Fruit Bowl Gold Plated Product Details: The beautiful golden brass bowl is made of pure brass and has a pedestal base connected to keep the grip secure. The bowl may be used to store little cookies, biscuits, bread, dried...
₹918 ₹459
Aftaba Showpiece, Arabian Aftaba German Silver Handcrafted Ostrich AT90684
Product Description: Ashtok Export Quality Pure Copper Antique Design Silver Coating Ostrich Heavy Guage Copper Sheet is handcrafted. Ideal to be used as showpieces. Showpieces Ostrich Handcrafted for home decor. TRADITIONAL DESIGN is Very appealing and eye-catching as a home decor item. Easy to use...
₹87,998 ₹43,999
Aftaba Showpiece, Arabian Aftaba German Silver Handcrafted AT90683
Product Description : Ashtok Antique Design Silver Coating Surai for Tea. Heavy Guage Copper Sheet is handcrafted. Ideal to be used as showpieces. Showpieces Surai Handcrafted for home decor. Ideal to be used as showpieces. TRADITIONAL DESIGN is Very appealing and eye-catching as a home decor item. Easy to use...
₹86,568 ₹43,284
Brass Ice Cream Cups, Brass Cups, Tray and Spoons Set of 6 in Red Gift Box , Gift item
Ashtok Pure Brass Ice Cream Cups, Tray, and Spoons Set of 6 Cups and Tray in Red Gift Box Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Ice Cream Cups, Tray. The 100% Pure Brass Sheet Set of 6 Glasses, 6 Spoons, and a Tray...
₹5,896 ₹2,949
Agarbatti Bowl Brass, Incense Holder, Incense Burner Stick Stand, Ash Catcher (Set of 12)
Agarbatti Bowl: Product Description:- The Incense Holder is made of solid brass, which makes it both elegant and long-lasting. This Agarbatti stand may be used in homes, workplaces, and Mandirs. It has a separate ash collector that maintains the puja house,...
₹3,120 from ₹1,560
German Silver Pooja Thali Set, Puja Plate Set, Set of 11 Items, Colour - Silvery White.
German Silver Pooja Thali Set Product Details:  This Pooja thali is made up of German Silver. Items Included are - 1. Pooja Plate - 1 Pc, 2. Panchpatra - 1 Pc, 3. Pali - 1 Pc, 4. Bell - 1...
₹4,518 ₹2,259
KumKum Box Brass Leaf Set, Jewellery Box, His and Her Ring Box (Set of 12)
Beautiful design Pure Brass Sindoor box Kum Kum Set Product Details: Brass Sindoor Box Set of TWO in leaf pattern is designed and manufactured with 100% pure Brass Sheet, digital actual embossing with a high level of precision, glossy finish polish, very durable...
₹3,840 from ₹1,920
Brass Donthulu, Best Home Decor Donthulu, Brass handcrafted pooja pots
Stripe designed Donthulu:  Product Details: Donthulu is a set of pots of various sizes arranged one on top of the other made of brass and handmade with etched stripes. Brass Donthulu is used during Golu (Bombala koluvu in Telugu), one of...
₹2,318 ₹1,159
Turkish bowl
₹9,999 ₹4,999
Turkish bowl
Brass Fruit Bowl Product Details: The gold-plated brass fruit bowl has an engraved peacock design. The peacock pattern on the curved borders provides an attractive touch to the bowl. It includes pedestal support to keep the bowl in place. The bowl...
₹9,999 ₹4,999
German Silver Attardani /Paneer Dani
German Silver Attardani /Paneer Dani Product Details: Paneer Dani is made of German silver and is engraved from top to bottom with a flower motif. It includes a dispenser on top and pedestal support on the bottom to securely hold the...
₹1,648 from ₹824
Brass Gandham ginni. Kumkum Holder (Set of 12 Piece)
Brass Gandham Ginni  Product Details: Gandham Ginni is made of brass and has curved sides as well as a pedestal base to hold the bowl. Ideal for keeping sandalwood paste, which is used to introduce guests by putting sandalwood on their...
₹5,318 from ₹2,659
Brass Wine Glass, Silver Plated Brass Champagne Flutes Coupes Wine Glass 2 Piece Set (Red Box)
Brass Wine Glass 2 Piece Set(Red Box) Product Details: These Wine Glasses are made of brass and are handcrafted and fashioned by artists. These wine glasses are made of brass and have a beautiful pattern. Begin your party with this unusual, exquisite...
₹3,698 ₹1,849
Brass Leaf Tray, Decorative brass plate with Ganesh embossed leaf shape (12 Pieces Set)
Brass Leaf Design Tray: Product Details: Pure Brass Designer Fancy Tray Leaf Shape Beautifully created from the brass sheet with digital cutting, polishing the exquisite decorative basket, mirror finish, beautiful and elegant design, high-quality and simple to keep clean materials.  Excellent...
₹3,600 ₹1,800
Brass Turkish Bowl, Handcrafted decorative brass bowl, gift item (Set of 10 Pieces)
Brass Handcrafted Bowl Product Details: The gold-plated brass fruit bowl features an engraved beautiful design. The pattern on the curved borders adds a nice touch to the bowl. It includes pedestal support to keep the bowl in place. The bowl is...
₹9,999 ₹4,999
Copper beer mug Hammered design, Fresh Fruit Juice, Moscow Mule
Copper Beer Mug Product Details: Ashtok presents unique copper mugs for serving Moscow Mules vodka to your friends and family! These copper mugs are not only functional but also decorative for your home bar. The mug is hand-crafted for an...
₹1,598 ₹799
Crystal Basket Gift Item, Gold Coated Flower Basket (Set of 10)
Product Details: The Crystal Pooja Basket or Pooja Butti Gold Coated Pooja Basket has a handle to make it easier to carry. When traveling to the temple, a flower basket is helpful in carrying pooja items. Inside this pooja basket, one...
₹3,600 from ₹1,800
Crystal Basket German Silver, Flower Basket, Fruit Basket for Home Decor (Set of 10)
Product Details: Silver Crystal Flower Basket may be used for pooja on any occasion or as an important utensil accessory. Because it is made of silver, it is simpler to clean after use, and repeated usage has no effect on the...
₹3,600 from ₹1,800
Gift Item Brass Gangalam, Desert Bowl (10 Pieces Set)
Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl with Handles is made and manufactured with 100% Pure Brass, thin sheet, a product with digital real cutting and embossing with a high level of accuracy, heavy gauge gangal which is MAT finish polished, highly durable,...
₹4,800 ₹2,400
Gift Item Brass Agarbatti Stand, Incense Burner Five Stick Holder, Hand Carved Flower Design
Ashtok Brass Incense Holder: Product Details: The Golden Brass Agarbatti Stand Holder is a solution to incense burning issues. Design and Material This beautiful agarbatti stand is made of Golden Brass. It has a cylindrical tower that fits atop a...
₹1,098 ₹549
Crystal Diya Brass, Gift Item, Lighting Lamp, Diwali Diya, Deepam (Set of 10)
Product Details: Crystal Diya is made of brass, which makes them sturdy and long-lasting. It is strong, with a sturdy brass Diya cup and bottom, heat resistant, and shock resistant for continuous devotion. This Crystal Akhand Diya is ideal for festivals...
₹9,800 from ₹2,600
Gift Box, Golden Metal Box, Chocolate Box, Gift for house warming ceremony (Set of 10)
Gold Plated Dry Fruit Box with Lid for Table: Product Details: The lower portion of this gold-plated hammered storage box is elegantly crafted, and the lid has a lotus pattern. The attractive design container is a welcome addition to your home...
₹4,000 ₹2,000
Gift Box, Gift Item, Chocolate Box Surai Lining With Lid (Set of 10)
Product Details: The lower section of this gold-plated storage box is elegantly designed, and the lid features a lotus pattern. The appealing design container is a pleasant addition to your home decor. Gold-plated dry fruit containers The material is iron. This...
₹5,000 ₹2,500
Brass Plate Shankh Shape, Serving Plate, Gift Item for Special Occasions (12 Pieces Set)
Brass Plate Shankh Shape Decorative Sangu Plate Product Details: During puja, a beautiful shank-shaped brass plate is used to hold puja items. This brass Naivedya Plate with a lightweight and elegant shankh pattern is suitable for all occasions. It is composed...
₹3,120 ₹1,560

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