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Planter, handmade brass and copper sheets in wonderful designs
Ashtok Brass Copper Planter About the product: Brass Copper Planter comes in a Round shape and is an antique molded planter. It has an engraved design over it with pie crust edges. Two rings are present on both ends of the...
from ₹ 4,879.00
Brass Planter, Brass Handcrafted Decorative Brass Planter Pot, Vase Flower Pot for Decor, Home and Garden
Decorative Brass Planter with Stripes design Product Details: The Antique Brass Planter has a Vertical Stripes pattern with beading around the edge. This planter has a slightly raised pedestal support and a glossy finish on the whole planter. Ideal for plating indoor and...
₹ 3,698.00 from ₹ 1,849.00
Brass Gangalam, Mangala Snanam Set Planter, Brass Handcrafted Gangal for marriage events (Set of 5)
Ashtok Mangala Snanam Set for Wedding Haldi Ceremony (Set of 5) SPECIFICATION:  Size Length(CMS) Breadth(CMS) Height(CMS) Weight(Grams) 6 Inch 16 16 14 800 10 Inch 30 30 28 1380 12 Inch 33 33 31 2020 14 Inch 39 39 38...
₹ 21,000.00 from ₹ 10,500.00
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Brass Planter, Brass Traditional Shape Handcrafted Decorative Brass Planter Pot, Vase Flower Pot for Decor, Home and Garden, Marriage events planter
Brass Planter with Engraved Floral design Product Details: Brass Planter is an antique molded planter with a round design. It has an etched pattern with pie crust borders all around it. On both ends of the planter, there are two rings that...
₹ 6,377.80 ₹ 3,188.90
Planters, Brass Planters Decorative Round Shape, Brass pots for planters
Stripes design & Round shaped Brass Planter Product Details: Brass Planter with Broad-brimmed Stripes pattern and Round form. This planter includes beading around the open border and slightly elevated pedestal support to sustain the planter's weight. Ideal for growing indoor and outdoor...
₹ 2,416.00 from ₹ 1,208.00
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