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Best Brass Diya Online Shop in India

Best Brass Diya Online Shop in India

Almost every Indian household has the tradition to light a Brass Diya twice daily, one within the morning and one in the evening. This is part of the prayer process.


Clean your brass diya naturally

After years of use, the brass diyas normally retain a black stain which refuses to travel with plain water. You wish something extra for it. Prepare a natural concoction with one tablespoon of salt and two to three tablespoons of peacock diya. Rub the concoction over the diya, and remove all the stains; rinse it with running water and wipe it with a soft cloth and it will soon shine like new. you can also remove the grime with metal polish as well. Both brass Shining Powder have acidic properties which remove the black stains.



Significance of lighting Diyas

There is a deeper significance to the lighting of Diya. Each of the diya components contains a special significance to it. For example, the oil within the diya symbolizes the dirt such as jealousy, hatred, greed etc present in the human mind. The cotton in the diya symbolizes the or the self or the soul of a person. When the oil is burned by the wick, the diya lights up. As a result, the illumination of the diyas denotes the need to rid oneself of greedy and materialistic feelings. Deepam or diyas lightning liberates people from all sorts of sadness and negativity, leading them down the road to awakening and binding the human spirit to the Supreme God. The lighting of diyas helps us to convert the darkness of our lives to light. They invoke God to bless us with their divine wisdom which guides us towards the path of unconditional love.


Importance of brass diyas according to Peacock Diyas

The material of your diyas can directly affect the flow of holy energies into your home. Therefore, it's advised to use a brass diya to attract positive holy vibes into your home and dispel negativity from your lives. Metals like brass are good conductors of positive energy. Hence, brass diyas for pooja is taken into account essential. This brass diyas are expected to form a happy, contented and positive aura in the house. it is often advised to use brass diyas of colors like blue, green, red, navy or pink. You can now easily fetch decorative brass diyas online at We offer some of the best brass diyas online that you can choose from. Most of you wouldn't perfectly know the answer as to why it is advised to use brass items in the Puja. To answer all of it, we are here


Advantages of using brass loutes diyas

As previously mentioned, brass is one of the metals used to make the majority of puja products such as puja thalis, lamps, and diyas. But how many people are aware of the ancient past behind its use? Isn't that correct? So, let's take a glance at the benefits and tradition of using brass diyas in puja.

In the early days, during pujas at home or at temples, the brass vessels used to store the pure water or Gangajal. Not only for storing the water but also for keeping the prasadam, the bhog, the flowers or for the puja samagris, the brass puja items were used. The brass metal is used because it is believed to attract and invoke divine consciousness. Such religious advantages can never be achieved by using normal steel or brass puja items.

Brass diyas are believed to generate a spiritual sound that helps in creating positive surroundings. Even for cooking the prasadam or the bhog, you can witness the brass utensils being used to date. it is believed that brass items attract holy spiritual waves and thus, brass diyas are utilized in puja. Earth is the creation of nature and thus, it emits divine energies and vibes. These energies are then absorbed by the brass parts, which then emit them into the food that's cooked in them. As a result, brass diyas are utilized in pujas to transmit beneficial spiritual vibrations. When the brass diyas have most positive impact, you mustn't wait to order brass diyas for puja online. Order your set of decorative brass diyas online straight away at
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