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Brass Utensils for Cooking

Ashtok Brass Utensils for Cooking:

Ashtok has introduced a collection of Brass Cookware for your home kitchen. That is the most appropriate option, handcrafted metal utensils are well-known in India. These Brass Utensils were made by Ashtok using their handcrafting skills.

Ashtok sells brass cookware such as brass topes (Patila), frying pans, brass dekchi, saucepans, and brass Kadais (Wok). Ashtok offers free delivery in India and delivers brass cookware all over the world.

Make sure your brass container is tin-coated (Kalai) on the inside before using it for cooking.

The process of coating brass with a protective layer of tin to prevent corrosion is known as the tin coating.

The importance of tin coating on brass cooking items:

Brass, a copper alloy, is equally dangerous if it comes into contact with food. The tin coating is used to prevent brass utensils from direct contact with food. brass utensils are dishwasher-safe.

Remember to coat your brass cooking equipment with tin at regular intervals. Brass is the perfect combination of ethnicity and desire, boosting the attractiveness of your kitchen and house more than before!

Using Brass Pots and Pans to Cook (Tin Coated)

Brass cookware kitchen item is great for rice and curry preparation, but they can also be used for any other form of cooking. It keeps the nutritional content of the food that is cooked in it. This vessel, however, is likely to turn hazardous if not adequately tinned. As a result, we should re-tin our brass kitchenware before it loses its covering (maybe every 6-8 months).

Making Use of Brass Cookware

If the utensils have a Tin coating, they are utilized.

In brass containers, avoid using acidic ingredients such as lemon, curd, tamarind, and tomato sauces.

It keeps around % of the nutritional content of the meal cooked in it.

It is better to use it at medium temperatures for long-term slow cooking.

The Advantages of Brass Cookware:

Brass soothes a scorching feeling and calms hostility.

It promotes healthier digestion.

The amount of hemoglobin rises.

Enhance the skin's tone.

Cleaning Directions:

In a dish, combine baking soda and lemon juice. Dip a towel in the mixture and use it to clean the cookware. Allow a few moments before wiping it away. Then, make sure it's clean by rinsing it under running water.
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