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Diwali Gift Items

Significance of Diwali

Diwali represents the victory of light over darkness, understanding over ignorance, good over evil, and justice over wrong. It is a spiritually significant occasion because it represents the opening of our genuine light, which sparkles inside us, and the sharing of this brightness with others.

When we light a candle or an oil/ghee lamp, we are opening up physical space to light. Similarly, when blessed candles and lamps are lit on the auspicious festival of Deepavali, they enlighten the energy pathway to Open the Light inside us. That is why, as a once-a-year occasion, Deepavali has unique meaning and value for seekers of Light.

On this day, the forces of Light triumph over the energies of darkness, spreading love, joy, positivity, and enthusiasm.

Ashtok has created a list of Diwali Gift products that are both unique and thoughtful and will be much appreciated.

Best Ideas for Diwali Gift Items

1. Diyas/Oil Lamp

During Diwali, many people give diya, which are decorative brass oil lamps, as gifts. There are various options available. Brass diyas Diwali gifts are available at Ashtok Online Store at reasonable prices.

Kamakshi Deepam is one of the best Diwali gift items. This is a hand-crafted antique beautiful brass lamp with the image of Goddess or Devi Kamakshi carved on the lamp, which is common in many Indian households. Before lighting the lamp, flowers and other holy artifacts are usually put around it. With a single gaze from the Goddess, you can achieve enlightenment, success, and riches.

The "Deepam" represents knowledge, the ability to overcome darkness, problems, sadness, and misunderstanding in our life. Lighting a candle is regarded as an auspicious feature of the five metals, a spiritual element widely used to create Hindu temple statues in Hindu culture.

2. Brass Pooja Plates

Giving your loved ones a new Pooja thali set on this special occasion may make them feel more special. A beautifully designed brass Pooja thali set might be the best Diwali gift. It is because a pure brass Pooja thali is the best way to greet Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber.

So, if you're looking for Diwali gifts, think about this each brassware item. Ashtok wholesales attractive brass puja thali sets. Bulk Diwali gift orders are also available.

3. Brass Fruit Bowls

Gifting brass bowls throughout the Diwali celebration might be a fantastic suggestion. Ashtok offers a wonderful and one-of-a-kind assortment of brass fruit bowls including the Kamal Bowl. These bowls are exquisitely carved and would make wonderful luxurious Diwali gifts.

4. Brass Urli

An Urli Bowl is a bowl made of metal brass that is kept in water-filled households. According to Vastu, it also has several additional advantages. So, as a gift, give a beautiful brass Urli Bowl that will bring it good luck while also adding a unique touch to the home decor. They may place it wherever they like and decorate it with flowers and floating diyas/candles.

6. Brass Kumkum Boxes

Most Indian ladies have a special place in their hearts for the kumkum holder. It is said to be a holy devotional symbol. Choose a kumkum holder to add an emotional touch to your gift and make your visitors feel appreciated and blessed.

Consider how delighted they would be if they were given beautiful decorative ones! Ashtok provides beautifully designed pieces that are affordably priced, making it simpler to find return presents. Give your guests these exquisite kumkum boxes and make them feel as special as their presence makes your celebrations!!
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