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Buffing and Polishing of Brass and Copper Items

Buffing and Polishing of Brass and Copper Items

Buffing and polishing of brass and copper Services Offered at Ashtok

We are delighted to inform you that we have begun the process of caring for your cherished brass and copper items, ensuring the preservation of your precious memories.

Polishing and buffing brass and copper objects is a crucial step in preserving their durability and aesthetic appeal. The following three factors emphasize the significance of buffing and polishing:

Enhances Appearance: Handling, air exposure, and moisture can cause brass objects to lose their sheen over time. Polishing and buffing the brass helps bring back its luster and brilliance, giving it a brand-new appearance. This is particularly crucial for metals made of brass or copper, since they should be visually pleasing and highlight the beauty of the metal.

Removes Oxidation and Tarnish: Oxidation and tarnish can cause brass or copper to look drab and discolored. Tarnish and oxidation are successfully removed by buffing, polishing.

Prevents Corrosion: When brass is left untreated, it can oxidize over time, leading to metal damage. Buffing and polishing brass items creates a protective barrier on the surface, preventing moisture and corrosive agents from encountering the metal. This helps extend the lifespan of the brass and copper items and keeps them looking beautiful for years to come.

The art of buffing and polishing brass and copper items is a rewarding process that allows you to revive the timeless beauty of these versatile metals. Whether you're restoring antique brass or copper pieces, polishing household fixtures, or simply maintaining the shine on decorative items, follow the proper techniques and use the right tools. Specialized proficiency ensures a successful outcome. Ashtok’s craftsmanship involved in bringing back the brilliance of brass and copper, and let the glow of your polished items shine, brass tableware, flower vase, brass decorative diya’s or any other old brass or copper item which need to be restored, brass adds a touch of sophistication to any space for years to come. Thorough cleaning of the copper and brass surfaces is necessary before beginning the buffing and polishing procedure. This aids in clearing away any debris, oil, or other impurities that can compromise the polishing outcome.


Choosing the Appropriate Abrasives and Tools:

Based on the kind of brass and copper products that need to be polished, we select the proper tools and abrasives. Abrasive pads, polishing chemicals, and buffing wheels are typical instruments.

Rough Buffing/Polishing:

First, any scratches, oxidation, or other surface flaws are removed with a coarse abrasive or buffing chemical. Usually, a polishing machine with an abrasive pad or buffing wheel attached is used for this.

Optical Glazing:

To get a smoother and glossier finish, use a finer abrasive or polishing compound after the rough polishing. Until the required level of polish is reached, repeat this procedure using increasingly finer abrasives.

Last Buffing:

To get a flawless, mirror-like surface on the brass and copper items, use a soft buffing wheel and premium polishing compound. This process brightens the surface and helps get rid of any little scratches that may still be there.

Inspection and Cleaning:

To get rid of any polishing residue, give the polished surfaces a thorough cleaning. Verify that the products have reached the appropriate degree of luster and quality by inspecting them.

Coating for Protection:

Utilizes a sealant, such as wax or clear lacquer, to keep the polished look and protect against tarnishing.

At Ashtok we perform quality control checks to ensure that each brass and copper product meets the specified standards for finish and appearance.


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