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Return Gift Ideas for Housewarming

Return Gift Ideas for Housewarming

Home decor and return gift ideas for Housewarming

What could be more satisfying than building your own home? Isn't it a dream come true for you when you achieve it? And this achievement warrants a grand celebration. In India, it is traditionally known as housewarming or gruhapravesam. A priest performs a devotional pooja with all family members during this celebration, which is followed by a ceremonious feast. It is thought to bring good fortune, peace, prosperity, and positive energy to family members.

Furthermore, your masterpiece should not end here. After all, your carefully constructed home deserves a lot of attention. Hangings, showpieces, authentic rules, and decorative vases handcrafted by artists will do the trick!

Brass Gift Items/Brass Home Decor Items

The brass decor is an important addition that you can use to brighten up the interiors of your home. It enhances the beauty and grace of your living space. Ashtok has curated beautifully crafted brass gift items at reasonable prices for you to choose from.

Brass Decorative Items for the Home

The search for decor showpieces among the young and middle-aged has increased significantly in recent years. This is because showpieces primarily add to the beauty of your home and reflect your way of life. Find some incredible Ashtok decorative showpieces to decorate your home.

Decorative Brass Bowls

Take a look at this multi-purpose Decorative Brass bowl. You are free to use it for whatever purpose you see fit. This bowl is a fantastic accompaniment.

You could gift the design as a return gift for celebrations and special eves such as Weddings, Navarathri, Baby Shower, Diwali, and so on, and excite all your guests as they walk into the eve.

Brass Urlis

Urli is a classic piece of home decor that makes an amazing centerpiece and adds charm wherever it is placed. If you want to add a traditional touch to your living space, try using urli as a piece of decor because of the artistic features they have. It is believed that placing an urli filled with water and decorative flowers in your home will make the environment calm and lively.

Vases for Decoration

Decorative brass flower vases provide an eye-catching gestural focal point. For an eye-catching display, place fragrant flowers neatly arranged in the flower vase. Find some hand-picked Ashtok treasures and choose your favorite.

How can a gruhapravesam be fulfilled in the absence of return gifts?
We Indians, both traditionally and emotionally, enjoy giving our guests return gifts. Do we not? Most of us want our return gifts to be thoughtful enough to leave a lasting impression on our guests. What if you had a super cool guide on how to choose the perfect return gift for your gruhapravesam? Here are some suggestions for gruhapravesam return gifts.

Brass Kumkum Holders

The kumkum holder has a special place in the hearts of most Indian women. It is regarded as a divine devotional symbol. If you want to add an emotional touch to your return gift, choose a kumkum holder and make your guests feel loved and blessed.

Just imagine how happy they would be if they were given beautiful decorative ones! Ashtok has beautifully crafted pieces that are reasonably priced to make your search for return gifts easier. Give these lovely kumkum holders to your guests and make them feel as special as their presence makes your celebrations!!

Brass Donthulu is also an excellent housewarming gift:

Made from 100% pure brass Donthulu.  Extremely long-lasting, beautiful, and ideal for any house. This is a high-quality product that will last a long time. If you are looking for Indian decor to give a distinctive touch to your house, the Brass-made Donthulu may be used as a display piece. Because of the existence of the descending Order, this item is more of a ceremonial decoration. It can be filled and placed at a temple or home as part of puja or prayer. You may share part of the beauty and spirituality of Hindu religious practice by displaying it on a shelf or table. This is an excellent brass decor piece for the house as well as a Vaastu item for good luck.

Pooja Utilities

When you give your guests a pooja utility(brass diya, brass pooja plates, and brass trays) as a return gift, they will feel blessed, and their happiness will undoubtedly turn into a blessing for you. Go for it and enjoy the satisfaction of giving a worthy gift!

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