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Pure Copper Water Bottle with Glass, Printed Flower Design and Leakproof Threaded Cap, Multicolour.
Pure Copper Water Bottle with Glass, Printed Flower Design, and Leakproof Threaded Cap.    Product Details: pure copper water bottle with a glass printed flower design and a leak-proof threaded cap in multicolor. The bottle is made of pure copper which...
₹ 4,288 ₹ 2,199
Stainless Steel Masala Box, Spice Container, Masala Dabba Set of 7 Bowls with transparent lid.
Stainless Steel Masala Box / Spice Box Product Details: Ashtok Stainless Steel Masala Dabba with a transparent lid is essential in all Indian kitchens and is made of high-quality stainless steel. In the seven containers, you may store as many aromatic spices as...
₹ 3,700 from ₹ 1,850
Copper Lota, Kalash for Pooja, Tambe ka Lota (Pack of 12 Pcs)
Product Details:  It is made of 100% pure copper and used to store water. It is mainly used as one of the products during worship. It has variants that bear a capacity of 150, 300, and 500 ml    Capacity...
₹ 6,840 from ₹ 3,420
Brass Kumkum Box, Brass Sindoor box round shape, Set of 2 Pieces, Sindoor ki Dani Size 2x2 Inch, Best Gift Item
Ashtok Pure Brass Sindoor Box Flower Shape Product Details: Kumkum Box is Made of 100% pure brass, with a glossy shine and a fashionable look. Very convenient and portable. The Best Product for Sindoor Storage may also be used as a...
₹ 768 ₹ 384
Brass Ice Cream Cups, Brass Cups, Tray and Spoons Set of 6 in Red Gift Box , Gift item
Ashtok Pure Brass Ice Cream Cups, Tray, and Spoons Set of 6 Cups and Tray in Red Gift Box Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Ice Cream Cups, Tray. The 100% Pure Brass Sheet Set of 6 Glasses, 6 Spoons, and a Tray...
₹ 6,486 ₹ 3,244
Sindoor box Brass wedding, gift sindoor box (Dia 2 Inches)
Pure Brass Sindoor Box Flower Shape, Sindoor box Fancy, Sindoor Box Wedding Product Details: The Ashtok Sindoor Box is made of 100% Pure BRASS sheet and has a glossy polished appearance. This is a high export-grade product that will last a long time....
₹ 16,500 from ₹ 6,512
Brass Hammered Bowl, Brass Bowl handcrafted (Gold, 200ml)
Ashtok Pure Bronze Bowl Handcrafted Product Details: Ashtok Pure Bronze Bowl Handcrafted in Pure Kasa. Ashtok made this artwork. Bronze alloys are usually quite ductile. Kotori or pure bronze bowl This lovely bronze bowl may be used as a table meal bowl, Kotori,...
₹ 1,692 ₹ 846
Brass Flower bowl, brass bowl for kum kum, Brass Gift item (Dia 3 Inches)
Pure Brass Lotus Bowl/ Kamal BowlProduct Details: The Ashtok Lotus Bowl is entirely made of pure brass. The Brass Bowl is round in form. It has a level base that allows it to remain still when put on a flat surface. The Bowl has...
₹ 20,000 from ₹ 11,000
Pure Copper Water Glass, Tumbler
Pure Copper Water Glass Product Details: Pure Copper Water Glass is made, produced, and manufactured from 100% pure copper sheet with a high level of precision, and a glossy mirror finish polish. Excellent for everyday drinking water. This is a Premium export-quality...
₹ 988 from ₹ 494
Metal Wire Fruit basket, Flower Basket, Gift Item
Ashtok Metal Wire Fruit basket, Flower basket round shape gampa:Product Description: Fancy Metal Wire Basket Round Shape Beautiful designed very attractive, graceful, and stylish in appearance manufactured in thick metal wire with digital cutting, Golden polish elegant fancy basket, Highly durable...
₹ 1,208 from ₹ 604
Copper Bottle, Water Bottle with Utility Handle for Perfect Grip
Ashtok Copper Water Bottle with Leak Proof Threaded Cap and Utility Handle for Perfect Grip, Drinkware. Product Details: copper water bottle with a mat finish and a utility handle for a perfect grip. The bottle is made of pure copper and is...
₹ 2,528 from ₹ 1,264
Brass Wine Glass, Silver Plated Brass Champagne Flutes Coupes Wine Glass 2 Piece Set (Red Box)
Brass Wine Glass 2 Piece Set(Red Box)     Product Details: These Wine Glasses are made of brass and are handcrafted and fashioned by artists. These wine glasses are made of brass and have a beautiful pattern. Begin your party with this unusual,...
₹ 3,222 ₹ 2,474
Brass Glass, Brass water glass handcrafted Capacity - 200ml (Pack of 2 Pcs)
Ashtok Pure Brass Glass / Brass Tumbler Product Details: This beautiful and unique Embossed Design of Brass Glass is constructed of pure brass. It has been meticulously made and is of excellent quality. It will endure a lifetime and numerous generations if properly...
₹ 2,122 ₹ 1,517
Brass Sweet Plate handcrafted Bowl, Brass Plate, Gift Item (Dia 5 Inches)
Pure Brass Sweet Plate with Flower Embossed Design Product Details: In a world where beauty meets functionality, the Handmade Brass Sweet Plate stands out as a timeless piece of art. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, this exquisite...
₹ 66,000 from ₹ 33,880
Flower Basket with Handle, Gold and Silver Polish Fruit Basket
Product Description: Ashtok Metal Fruit Basket Flower basket with a handle and diameter of 9-inches, Height = 7.5 inches.  Use for serving refreshments, dried fruits, chocolate, presenting tray set, and gifting basket. Mirror Gold and Silver Glossy Polish This is a...
₹ 3,849 ₹ 2,749
Brass Bowl, Brass Decorative bowl, Best Return Gift item (Dia 5 Inches)
Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl With Handles Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl with handles is made and manufactured with 100% Pure Brass, thin sheet, a product with digital real cutting and embossing with a high level of accuracy, heavy gauge parath...
₹ 35,000 from ₹ 17,080
Copper Jug Glass set, glass water jug
Copper Jug and 2 Sets of Water Drinking Glasses Product Details: Ashtok made daily usable copper drinkware. It is value for money and an investment for a lifetime. Copper water increases your immunity. Made from pure copper, it promises the health benefits associated...
₹ 3,848 ₹ 1,924
Pure Copper Water Bottle with Leak proof Threaded cap, Capacity 1000mL
Best Quality Pure Copper Water Bottle with Leak proof Threaded cap, Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India.   Introducing our exquisite Copper Water Bottle, a timeless fusion of style and wellness. Crafted with...
₹ 1,099 ₹ 758
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Pure Copper Water Bottle 1 Ltr - Copper Bottle Water with Lid – Ayurvedic Copper Water Bottle – Copper Water Vessel - Drink More Water Bottle – Large -Leak Proof - Smooth Finish
Ashtok Copper Water Bottle with Leak Proof Threaded Cap, Drinkware. Product Details: Copper water bottle available on the website "". The product is made of pure copper and is said to have several health benefits, such as improving digestion and helping with weight...
₹ 1,231 from ₹ 659
Copper Handi for Cooking, Copper Serving Bowl
Steel Casserole with Copper Hammered Design and Brass Handles Product Details: Copper Handi is made of 100% pure stainless steel on the inside and copper on the outside. Glass lids are included with serving bowls. The serving handi comes in a...
₹ 10,888 ₹ 5,444
Copper Handi With Glass Lid, Set Of Copper Serving Bowls, Capacity - 500ml and 250 ml
Steel Casserole with Copper Hammered Design and Brass Handles Product Details: Copper Handi is made of 100% pure stainless steel on the inside and copper on the outside. Glass lids are included with serving bowls. The serving handi comes in a...
₹ 6,488 ₹ 3,244
German Silver Kum Kum Box, Kum Kum Box handcrafted, best Sindoor box, Gift Item
Product Description :  Ashtok Product Pure Brass Silver Coated Kum Kum Box is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass thick sheet used with digital real embossing with a high level of accuracy, which is lacquer finish polish, Highly durable,...
₹ 2,530 ₹ 1,265
Brass Urli, Brass Urli For Flowers Designer and Floating Candles, Urli Bowl For Living Room Decoration, Best Uruli
Ashtok Antique Brass Urli/Uruli     Product Details: The Ashtok Pure Brass Urli is developed and made with 100% pure brass sheet, actual digital embossing with high precision, and lacquer finish polish, and is very durable, stylish, and excellent for any bathroom, kitchen, daily...
₹ 3,408 ₹ 1,704
Pooja ki Thali Flower Shape Design, Brass Pooja Thali, Gift article
Ashtok  Pure Brass Pooja Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design Product Details: Ashtok Brass Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design, Pooja ki Thali plate, the thali is premium quality multipurpose brass thali made in high-quality 100% pure brass metal sheet handcrafted with glossy mirror polish....
₹ 1,208 from ₹ 604

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