Mortar & Pestle, Paankutni Pure Brass, Brass Mortar Pestle Online
Ashtok High-Quality Brass Paankutni Product Details: The Ashtok Khal Batta Imam Dasta Paankutni product is created and constructed of 100%PURE BRASS and finished with a lacquer polished finish. This is a premium export-quality product with a long shelf life. This device...
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Brass Mortar and Pastel, Khalbatta, Paankutni Okhli
Mortar and Pastel, Khalbatta, Paankutni: Product Details: Brass Mortar and pestle also called khal Bhatta or pankutni is made up of Pure Brass.  Mortar: Brass mortar is shaped in the form of a bowl. It is wide, round, and deep. This form has been given...
₹4,698 from ₹2,349
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