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Urli Bowl Brass, Decorative Brass Designer Urli (Set of 5)
Home Decorative Plain Brass Urli Potpourri Bowl Product Details: The Brass Urli, also known as a Decorative Bowl, is a stunning piece of art that brings elegance and charm to any space. Crafted with precision and designed to perfection, this...
₹ 6,138.00 from ₹ 3,069.00
Brass Decorative Potpourri Bow, Urli decoration.
Brass Home Decor Urli/Uruli, Ashtok panch dhatu brass urli Product Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Urli is handcrafted, Brass Urli is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass-heavy thick sheet used with digital real embossing with a high level of accuracy. This may be displayed empty,...
₹ 3,898.00 from ₹ 1,949.00
Brass Decorative Antique urli, urli Pot with small bells
Brass Urli with Round Hanging Bells and Curved Stand Product Details: The urli bowl is precisely handcrafted by skilled hands, with every fragment perfectly carved and fashioned of high-grade brass.  This beautifully carved brass Urli manufactured by India's skilled craftsmen will...
₹ 9,898.00 from ₹ 4,949.00
50% Off
Urli, Brass urli, Uruli, PotPouri, Home Decor, Design- Hammered.
Ashtok Brass Urli/Pot. Decorative Potpourri BowlWho doesn't want to decorate their house? I am sure everyone wants their house to look the best. We feel proud if someone compliments our house. But it is not easy to find the best...
₹ 7,098.00 ₹ 3,549.00
Brass Urli in Brown and gold color, Antique Brass Uruli, Decorative Bowl, Potpourri Bowl
Antique Pure Brass Urli in Brown and golden color Product Details: Handles are placed on both sides of the Antique Brass Urli for easy carrying and handling. A lovely flower motif has been etched within the Brass Urli. This Brass Urli...
₹ 20,698.00 from ₹ 10,349.00
50% Off
Designer Antique Brass Urli with Diyas
Designer Antique Brass Urli with Diyas Product Details: Antique Pure Brass Urli with Diyas at the side ends and engraved with Flower and peacock design. Brass Urli is in the middle surrounded by beautiful antique work. This Brass Urli has a beautiful and...
₹ 37,498.00 ₹ 18,749.00
Brass Urli with Urli stand, Brass Antique Urli and Stand
Ashtok Pure Brass thick molding designed Singhassan Product Details: Pure Brass Urli and Stand and Stand is developed and made with 100% pure brass thick sheet utilized with digital actual embossing with a high level of precision, lacquer finish polish, very durable, attractive,...
₹ 6,898.00 from ₹ 3,449.00
50% Off
Brass Urli, Brass Urli For Flowers Designer and Floating Candles, Urli Bowl For Living Room Decoration, Best Uruli
Ashtok Antique Brass Urli/Uruli Product Details: The Ashtok Pure Brass Urli is developed and made with 100% pure brass sheet, actual digital embossing with high precision, and lacquer finish polish, and is very durable, stylish, and excellent for any bathroom, kitchen, daily usage,...
₹ 3,098.00 ₹ 1,549.00
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