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Traditional Brass Filter Coffee At Home, Coffee Maker
Best Quality Pure Brass Traditional Filter Coffee, Coffee Maker At Home. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. There's something timeless and enchanting about brewing your morning coffee the old-fashioned way. With our...
₹ 2,309 ₹ 1,699
Pure Brass Handmade Water Glass, Lassi Glass, Drinkware & Serveware (Dia 4 Inches)
Best Quality Pure Brass Handmade Water Glass. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India.  Introducing our exquisite Brass Glass: a fusion of timeless elegance and artisan craftsmanship that will elevate your dining and...
₹ 66,000 from ₹ 31,499
Brass Jallada, Sieve for Special Occasions, Marriage decorations Diameter 11 Inches
Best Quality Pure Brass Jhalleda, Sieve for Special Occasions. Designed by Ashtok. We provide the most affordable prices and free shipping throughout India. Description: Introducing our exquisite Brass Jallada, a true embodiment of timeless elegance and craftsmanship. Crafted with precision...
₹ 2,573 ₹ 1,999
Brass Hammered Bowl, Brass Bowl handcrafted (Gold, 200ml)
Ashtok Pure Bronze Bowl Handcrafted Product Details: Ashtok Pure Bronze Bowl Handcrafted in Pure Kasa. Ashtok made this artwork. Bronze alloys are usually quite ductile. Kotori or pure bronze bowl This lovely bronze bowl may be used as a table meal bowl, Kotori,...
₹ 1,692 ₹ 846
Brass Ladle, Cooking and Serving Spoon, Length 12 Inches, Width 3 Inches, Height 1.5 Inches, Colour Golden, Pack of 1
Pure Brass Serving Spoon Heavy Guage Product Details: A brass ladle is a kitchen utensil that is traditionally used for serving or dishing out liquids such as soups, stews, gravies, and sauces. It is typically made of brass, which is an...
₹ 1,670 ₹ 835
Brass Ghada Water Pot, Kudam Pooja Pot, Pital ka Ghada
Ashtok Pure Brass Pot Product Details: Pure Brass Ghada Pot is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass heavy thick sheet utilized with a high degree of precision digital actual embossing, heavy gauge brass sheet water pot with lacquer finish shine. Highly...
₹ 2,199 ₹ 1,517
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Brass Dinner Set, Maharaja Style Dinner Set of 6 Pieces, Dinnerware, Tableware
Ashtok Brass Dinner Set/ Brass Thali Set Product Details: Best Quality Brass Engraved Dinner Set, Thali Set with Beaded Designer Line, Set of 7, Dinnerware, Tableware from Ashtok. This Beautiful Brass Embossed Dinner Set, Thali Set with a Beaded Designer Line,...
₹ 12,868 ₹ 6,434
Pooja ki Thali Flower Shape Design, Brass Pooja Thali, Gift article
Ashtok  Pure Brass Pooja Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design Product Details: Ashtok Brass Plate Hexagon Shape Lazer Printing Design, Pooja ki Thali plate, the thali is premium quality multipurpose brass thali made in high-quality 100% pure brass metal sheet handcrafted with glossy mirror polish....
₹ 1,208 from ₹ 604
Brass Fry Pan, Brass Saucepan with khalai Silver Coating Inside.
Brass Fry Pan, Brass Saucepan with khalai Coating Inside Who doesn't want to try out something different? I am sure everyone wants to cook a different dish and serve their loved ones at home. Ashtok has brought a unique pot for your home...
₹ 3,848 from ₹ 1,924
Brass Thali Dinner set of 6, Mughlai Style, Embossed Design, Beaded Lining
Pure Brass Hammered 6 Piece Dinner Set Product Details: Brass Dinner Set with 1 plate/thali, 2 bowls, 1 glass, and 2 spoons The Big plate is surrounded by high borders. It may be used to serve rice dishes or appetizers. Three...
₹ 6,928 ₹ 3,464
Brass Bonalu Matka Pot, Brass water pot for Banalu decoration, Handcrafted hammered designed
Brass water pot, Hammered round Ghada. Product Details: Ashtok Hammered Round Brass lota is designed and manufactured with 100% pure brass sheet with beautiful detail handcrafted and lacquered, Lacquer is used for potentially shiny finishes which give long life shine to...
₹ 4,948 from ₹ 2,474
Brass Chopala, Panchpal, Haldi KumKum Holder 4 Bowl Stand (Dia 3 Inches)
Ashtok Pure Brass Choupala/ Brass Chopda Product Details: The Brass Chopala, Panchpal is a versatile and elegant piece that serves as both serveware and a storage container. Crafted with precision from high-quality brass, this exquisite stand is designed to enhance...
from ₹ 19,118
Brass Plate Thali, Dish Hammered Design, Heavyweight Thali (Diameter 12 Inch)
Ashtok Brass Shiny Glossy Plate Hammered Design     Product Details: Plate made of pure brass with a shiny finish. The plate has a simple, golden appearance that is both simple and beautiful. It has raised borders that are subject to bidding. It...
₹ 3,299 ₹ 2,419
Brass Water Pot Gold Plated Round Shaped
  Gold Plated Round Shaped Brass Pot Product Details: Pure brass pot with a beautiful gold finish. The gold coating on the brass metal keeps it from oxidizing. It guarantees that the Brass Pot requires less maintenance and is easier to clean....
₹ 11,108 from ₹ 5,554
Brass water Pot, Brass Ghada, Pooja Kalash for Ceremonies
Glossy Polish Pure Brass Pot Product Details: Round pure brass water-filling pot with increased water-holding capabilities. It has a lovely classic appearance and is frequently used to decorate the interiors of homes. In some marital pooja rites, a pure brass pot is...
₹ 10,448 from ₹ 5,224
Brass Lota Meenakari - Kalash for Pooja - Brass Vessel Indian, Kalasam for Pooja Home - Indian Brass Decor
Ashtok Meenakari Brass Water Pot  Product Details: Handcrafted Pure Brass Water Pot with Meena work in Red and Green. Brass Meenakari Ghada features slanted sides, a flat bottom, and a large mouth. Its attractive appearance and qualities make it ideal for use in marriage...
₹ 2,199 from ₹ 1,495
Pure Brass Saucepan, Brass tea Pan, Milk Pan, Frying Pan
When it comes to enhancing your kitchen with top-quality cookware, selecting the right tools can make all the difference. Among the myriad options available, brass cookware stands out for its durability, heat conductivity, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're an avid...
₹ 6,499 from ₹ 3,499
Brass Puja Lota, Brass Puja Kalash
In the realm of spiritual practices, the significance of rituals lies in their essence and the sacred items used. Among these, brass holds a unique significance, embodying purity and tradition. The brass pot, puja lota, and puja kalash stand as...
₹ 6,599 ₹ 4,399
Brass Bonalu Ghada, Nakshee Design Pot, Brass Puja Kalash Pot
In the vibrant tapestry of Indian traditions, the essence of cultural celebrations intertwines beautifully with artistic craftsmanship. Embracing this rich heritage, the Brass Bonalu Ghada and Nakshee Design Brass Pot stand as timeless embodiments of reverence and artistic finesse. Crafted...
₹ 3,519 from ₹ 1,899
Brass Cooking Utensils, Brass Fancy Handi for Cooking
Unlock the essence of authentic culinary artistry with the timeless allure of brass cooking utensils. Among the treasures of the kitchen are the exquisite Brass Handi with Khalai and the versatile Brass Veda Handi, both epitomizing culinary finesse and tradition....
₹ 8,799 ₹ 5,499
Brass Embosed Meena Wati, Multipurpose Brass Bowl, Serving Bowl
Discover the allure of exquisite craftsmanship with our stunning collection of brass bowls featuring captivating Meenakari designs. Each brass wati is a testament to the artistry and precision of skilled artisans, meticulously crafted to add opulence to your decor. The...
₹ 66,000 from ₹ 34,999
Brass Tray, Brass Serving Tray, Decorative Tray/ Fruit Tray (Dia 10 Inches)
Ashtok Brass Round Tray with Handle Product Details: The round tray is made of a brass and has an antique design pattern on it. It has molded handles on both sides to hold the plate. Handcrafted  sheet with digital cutting or embossing. Ideal for filling with...
₹ 220,000 from ₹ 96,000
Brass Puja Plate, Multipurpose Plate, Puja Thali (Dia 8.5 Inches)
Product Details: Brass Puja Thali Plate Introducing our exquisite Brass Puja Plate a timeless piece that seamlessly blends tradition with elegance. This puja plate, which was meticulously crafted, is a wonderful complement to your holy rites and lends a refined touch to your...
₹ 77,000 from ₹ 36,699
Navratri Special Round Polished Brass Plate, Puja Plate (Dia 10 Inches)
Product Details: Introducing our exquisite Brass Puja Plate, an enduring item created with care and attention to detail to improve your spiritual rituals. Your devotional practises will be elevated to new heights by this divine accessory, which is a symbol of...
₹ 80,000 from ₹ 47,799

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