Copper Thali Set antique hand hammered copper
Ashtok Copper Dinner Set. Hammered Design 1 Plate, 4 Bowls, 1 Tea Spoon & 1 Fork, and 1 Glass. 8 Piece Set.Colour: Reddish Brown.Package Contains 8 Piece Copper Dinner Set, 1 Plate, 4 Bowls, 1 Spoon and Fork, and 1 Glass.Product...
₹10,664.00 ₹5,349.00
Hammered Copper Dinner Set, Dinnerware
Ashtok Pure Copper Dinner Set of 2 Bowls, 1 Spoon,  1 glass, and  2 small plates.Use for serving entire Lunch or Dinner food items at the dining tableSpecially Designed for Home, Restaurant, Bars, and Catering ServicesEasy to clean and washHealth Benefits: Improves digestive system,...
₹9,298.00 ₹4,649.00
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