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Pure Copper Glass, Copper Tumbler
Pure Copper Glass/Tumbler Product Details: Ashtok Best Quality Pure Copper Glass Handcrafted Drinkware, Serveware, and Tableware It is a glass designed for storing and drinking water on a regular basis. The glass has a capacity of 300 ml and a glossy mirror surface....
₹ 35,000 from ₹ 16,080
Pure Copper Water Glass, Tumbler
Pure Copper Water Glass Product Details: Pure Copper Water Glass is made, produced, and manufactured from 100% pure copper sheet with a high level of precision, and a glossy mirror finish polish. Excellent for everyday drinking water. This is a Premium export-quality...
₹ 898 from ₹ 449
Copper Handi for Cooking, Copper Serving Bowl
Steel Casserole with Copper Hammered Design and Brass Handles Product Details: Copper Handi is made of 100% pure stainless steel on the inside and copper on the outside. Glass lids are included with serving bowls. The serving handi comes in a...
₹ 9,898 ₹ 4,949
Copper bottle and Two Water Drinking Glasses, Copper Drinkware, Copper Bottle
Ashtok Pure Copper Bottle    Product Details: A set of copper bottles and two glasses. The set is made of pure copper and is designed to be used for storing and consuming water or other beverages. Copper is known for its...
₹ 2,498 ₹ 1,249
Copper Jug and 6 Glasses, Drinkware, Unique Copper Return Gift Items
Ashtok handcrafted Pure Copper Jug with Glasses Product Details: The Copper Jug and Glasses Set is a complete beverage serving solution made of pure copper. It includes a jug and six glasses, making it a convenient and functional option for serving drinks to...
₹ 4,898 ₹ 2,449
Pure Copper Glass, Tumbler Export Quality, Drinking Water Glass, Yoga Ayurveda
Ashtok Pure Copper Glass  Product Details: The copper glass has a hammered design over the glass, giving it a nice aesthetic, and the base is flat. It has beading or folded edges. It has a glossy surface, making it appropriate for...
₹ 35,000 from ₹ 16,080
Copper beer mug Hammered design, Fresh Fruit Juice, Moscow Mule
Copper Beer Mug Product Details: Ashtok presents unique copper mugs for serving Moscow Mules vodka to your friends and family! These copper mugs are not only functional but also decorative for your home bar. The mug is hand-crafted for an...
₹ 1,598 ₹ 799
Pure Copper Water Bottle with 2 Glasses and 1 Jug. Beautiful Printed Design drinkware Set. Pack of 1 Bottle, Jug and 2 Glasses
Ashtok Pure Copper Water Bottle with 2 Glasses and 1.5 Litre Jug.  Product Details: A copper water bottle is a container made of copper, used to store and carry drinking water. These bottles are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential health...
₹ 5,098 ₹ 2,549
Pure Hammered Copper Jug with 4 glasses
Handmade Pure Copper Jug and glasses Product Details: It includes a Hammered Copper Jug with a capacity of 1000 ml and four copper glasses. They are composed of solid copper and have a gleaming mirror polish. It is more convenient to keep water...
₹ 4,698 ₹ 2,349
Pure Copper Jug with four copper glasses
Copper Jug with 4 Glasses Product Details: It is a set of Copper jugs with four copper glasses. They are made of pure copper and have a shiny mirror finish. It is more convenient to keep water in the Jug and drink from...
₹ 3,498 ₹ 1,749
Copper Jug Glass set, glass water jug
Copper Jug and 2 Sets of Water Drinking Glasses Product Details: Ashtok made daily usable copper drinkware. It is value for money and an investment for a lifetime. Copper water increases your immunity. Made from pure copper, it promises the health benefits associated...
₹ 3,498 ₹ 1,749
Copper Bottle Carafe, Pure Copper Bedside Carafe of 1 Litre
Ashtok Copper Water Carafe/Bottle, Premium Drinkware on Special Occasions. Product Details: A copper carafe is a container made of pure copper that is designed to store and serve liquids, such as water or juice. Its sleek and stylish design makes it a...
₹ 250,000 from ₹ 116,200
Pure Copper Apple Jug, Drinkware
Pure Copper Apple Jug  Product Details: This Copper Jug comes with a Hammered design and is Handcrafted. It is a heavy gauge product that comes with a hollow lid which can also be used as a small-sized copper glass to drink water. Hammered...
₹ 3,498 ₹ 1,749
Stripe Designed Pure Copper Water Glass Capacity 250 ml
Stripe Designed Pure Copper Water Glass Product Details: Copper Glass comes with a Stripes design over the glass and is made of Pure Copper. It comes with a beading or folded edge. This Glass acts as the perfect drinkware that can be...
₹ 529 from ₹ 379
Pure Copper Glass, Tumbler Handcrafted in Luxury Design Drinkware, Serveware
Pure Copper Tumbler with Designed Stripe Product Details: Plain  Copper Glass is made of pure copper and is commonly used to drink water every day. The glass has a capacity of 300 ml and a glossy mirror surface. It is used to drink water; nevertheless,...
₹ 1,698 from ₹ 849
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