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Pure Copper Water Bottle with 2 Glasses and 1 Jug. Beautiful Printed Design drinkware Set. Pack of 1 Bottle, Jug and 2 Glasses
Ashtok Pure Copper Water Bottle with 2 Glasses and 1.5 Litre Jug.  Product Details: A copper water bottle is a container made of copper, used to store and carry drinking water. These bottles are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential health...
₹ 5,608 ₹ 2,804
Copper Jug and 6 Glasses, Drinkware, Unique Copper Return Gift Items
Ashtok handcrafted Pure Copper Jug with Glasses Product Details: The Copper Jug and Glasses Set is a complete beverage serving solution made of pure copper. It includes a jug and six glasses, making it a convenient and functional option for serving drinks to...
₹ 5,388 ₹ 2,694
Pure Hammered Copper Jug with 4 glasses
Handmade Pure Copper Jug and glasses Product Details: It includes a Hammered Copper Jug with a capacity of 1000 ml and four copper glasses. They are composed of solid copper and have a gleaming mirror polish. It is more convenient to keep water...
₹ 5,168 ₹ 2,584
Pure Copper Jug with four copper glasses
Copper Jug with 4 Glasses Product Details: It is a set of Copper jugs with four copper glasses. They are made of pure copper and have a shiny mirror finish. It is more convenient to keep water in the Jug and drink from...
₹ 3,848 ₹ 1,924
Copper Jug Glass set, glass water jug
Copper Jug and 2 Sets of Water Drinking Glasses Product Details: Ashtok made daily usable copper drinkware. It is value for money and an investment for a lifetime. Copper water increases your immunity. Made from pure copper, it promises the health benefits associated...
₹ 3,848 ₹ 1,924
Pure Copper Jug with Circular Stripes Design
Copper Jug with a silver touch of stripes design  Product Details: This Copper Jug is entirely made of copper and features stripes on the surface. It comes with a copper top and a copper handle. The Striped Copper Jug has a shiny...
₹ 2,308 from ₹ 1,154
Pure Copper Apple Jug, Drinkware
Pure Copper Apple Jug  Product Details: This Copper Jug comes with a Hammered design and is Handcrafted. It is a heavy gauge product that comes with a hollow lid which can also be used as a small-sized copper glass to drink water. Hammered...
₹ 3,848 ₹ 1,924
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