brass plate handcrafted for brass return gifts
Pure Brass Sweet Plate with Flower Embossed DesignProduct Details: Pure Brass Sweet Plate, handmade and engraved with a beautiful design. Ideal for serving sweets, fruits, and other items. It is ideal as a decorative item for a showcase. It is also...
₹898.00 from ₹449.00
Brass Bowl Gifting Bowl Handmade Handcrafted
Ashtok Pure Brass Fruit Bowl is handcraftedProduct Details: The Ashtok Fruit Bowl is made entirely of brass. The Brass Bowl has a circular shape. It features a level base that allows it to remain still when placed on a level surface. The Bowl's...
₹898.00 from ₹449.00
sindoor box wedding, gift sindoor box
Pure Brass Sindoor Box Flower Shape, Sindoor box Fancy, Sindoor Box Wedding Product Details: The Ashtok Sindoor box is made of 100% Pure BRASS sheet and has a glossy polished appearance. This is a high export-grade product that will last a long time. This...
₹698.00 ₹349.00
brass flower bowl for brass gift item
Pure Brass Lotus Bowl/ Kamal BowlProduct Details: The Ashtok Lotus Bowl is entirely made of pure brass. The Brass Bowl is round in form. It has a level base that allows it to remain still when put on a flat surface. The...
₹698.00 from ₹349.00
Brass Bowl Best Return Gift item
Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl With HandlesProduct Details: Ashtok Pure Brass Bowl with handles is made and manufactured with 100% Pure Brass, thin sheet, a product with digital real cutting and embossing with a high level of accuracy, heavy gauge parath which...
₹1,298.00 ₹649.00
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