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Murkul Maker, Easy to Grip Handle, Machine Chakli Maker, Height = 3.5 Inch Width = 9 Inch

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Murkul Maker, Easy to Grip Handle, Murkul Maker Press Machine

Product Details: Aluminium Sev Sancha Murukulu Maker with 5 different Jalis.  Excellent Deluxe model of the traditional portable Sevai maker with different Jalis. A handle that is flatter, broader, and curved for comfort and ease of use. The aluminum Sevanazhi with 5 distinct Jali (shredding jalike) is used at home to make several sorts of Sevanazhi/Sevai Nazhi/Idiyappam. Deep fried rice, coconut, fenugreek seeds, and red chilies in the top jali slot. Wait till all of the steam has been released before adding the prepared batter on top and securely closing it to produce crispy, tasty, and mouth-watering Idiyappam instantaneously. This Aluminium Sevanazhi/Sevai Nazhi is a must-have home item. It's quick, simple, and healthful.

A Murukku Maker, also known as a Murukku press or a Murukku mold, is a kitchen tool used to make a popular Indian and Sri Lankan snack called Murukku. Murukku is a savory snack made from a dough of rice flour, urad dal flour, and other ingredients that are shaped into a spiral or coil and deep-fried.

Murukku makers are typically made of stainless steel and consist of a cylindrical press with a handle on one end and a disc with various designs on the other end. To use a Murukku maker, the dough is placed in the press, and the handle is turned to extrude the dough through the disc, creating the desired shape. The dough coils are then deep-fried until golden brown.

Material: Aluminium

Color: Silvery White.

Package Contains: 1 Aluminium Murkul Maker

Legal Disclaimer: As all products, handcrafted sizes may differ all mentioned dimensions and weight is approximate.



Murkul Maker, Easy to Grip Handle, Machine Chakli Maker, Height = 3.5 Inch Width = 9 Inch
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