Agarbatti Bowl Brass, Incense Holder, Incense Burner Stick Stand, Ash Catcher (Set of 12)

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Agarbatti Bowl:

Product Description:- The Incense Holder is made of solid brass, which makes it both elegant and long-lasting. This Agarbatti stand may be used in homes, workplaces, and Mandirs. It has a separate ash collector that maintains the puja house, room, and workplace clean. This can handle up to five sticks at once.

 Size Length(CMS) Breadth(CMS) Height(CMS) Weight(Grams)
4 Inch 10.5 10.5 2.5 50
5 Inch 13 13 2.5 60

Color: Golden

Package Contains: Set of 12

Ashtok Brass items have antique designs. The item is highly durable, elegant, and a wonderful addition to your Home Decor.

Usage: Used to hold incense sticks with powerful smells that work as natural sedatives have a relaxing effect on the body, and aid in relaxation.

Cleaning: Steel wool should not be used to sour since it will ruin the product.

  1. Pitambari Powder is the greatest and most traditional method for cleaning brass goods.
  2. Vinegar and salt can be applied and cleaned, or the brass object to be cleaned can be soaked in a solution of vinegar and salt in boiling water.

Preservations: Brass does not need special care to be protected, but cleaning it with a cotton towel after washing will keep it stain-free. Brass is the greenest natural metal since it is the most ecologically friendly metal and one of the easiest metals to recycle.

Legal Disclaimer: Because everything is handcrafted, sizes may vary. All weights and measurements are estimates.

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Agarbatti Bowl Brass, Incense Holder, Incense Burner Stick Stand, Ash Catcher (Set of 12)
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