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Gift Item Brass Agarbatti Stand, Incense Burner Five Stick Holder, Hand Carved Flower Design

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Ashtok Brass Incense Holder:

Product Details:

The Golden Brass Agarbatti Stand Holder is a solution to incense burning issues. Design and Material This beautiful agarbatti stand is made of Golden Brass. It has a cylindrical tower that fits atop a base that holds the incense sticks erect and functions as an ash bowl.

The Moroccan-style holes are set symmetrically on the tower. It's a sight to see smoke delicately curling out of the holes! Little Hands Protection When burning incense in a house with children, search for a high shelf to keep it on, as youngsters are always drawn to the small red light at the end of the agarbatti.

This sturdy gleaming brass incense stand is elegantly crafted for your puja altar. This is handcrafted and represents one's love and devotion to the gods. It can carry several sticks. Incense burning is a form of devotion that stimulates the senses.

Burning incense in a beautiful stand creates a spiritual atmosphere. Images of fragrant smoke emerging from an incense stick and drifting into the air evoke fond recollections of family and friend festivities. Incense is an essential component of our life in India. Most companies begin by lighting a few incense sticks, not just as a tribute to God, but also to alleviate the musty odor of a closed room!

Using the Golden Brass agarbatti stand holder protects children from incense burns. Ideal for use in homes and offices. This child-safe agarbatti stand is ideal for use in both homes and businesses. Its stylish appearance helps it to merge into an office environment without looking awkward or out of place. If you enjoy the scent of incense in your puja area, living room, or bedroom, this agarbatti stand is for you!

Material: Brass

Package Contains: 1 Incense Holder

Legal Disclaimer: As all the products are handcrafted, sizes may vary all weights and measurements are approximate.



Gift Item Brass Agarbatti Stand, Incense Burner Five Stick Holder, Hand Carved Flower Design
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