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Brass Cow Calf, Kamdhenu Cow with Calf, Decorative for Puja Room

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Mfd. Month/Year : Oct 2023

Country Of Origin : INDIA

Price: Rs 529

Material - Brass

Length - 2.4 Inches

Width - 1.8 Inches

Height - 2.5 Inches

Weight - 250 Grams


Cow and Calf Representation: The idol showcases a mother cow and her calf standing or resting together, symbolizing the nurturing and protective nature of the mother.

Intricate Design: These idols are intricately designed with attention to detail, displaying various ornamental motifs and religious symbols.

Decorative and Auspicious: These idols are not only revered for their spiritual significance but also serve as beautiful decorative items in homes and temples, bringing blessings and positive energy.

Religious Rituals: Devotees often use these idols in religious ceremonies, such as worshipping them during festivals or special occasions, and offering them fruits, flowers, or other offerings.

Spiritual Significance: In Hinduism, the cow is considered sacred, symbolizing purity and the provider of nourishment. The presence of the calf adds to the idol's auspiciousness.


Product Description:-

Introducing Our Brass Cow Calf sculpture will add a timeless beauty to your home decor. This gorgeous object, which was meticulously and lovingly crafted, represents wealth, family ties, and the timeless beauty of traditional craftsmanship. It is much more than just an ornament. This exquisitely crafted sculpture, crafted from premium brass, perfectly embodies the spirit of rural living while infusing any area with a hint of refinement. hindu mythology recognises the cow as a sacred representation of abundance, fertility, and motherhood. Together, the cow and calf represent the protective and nurturing qualities of motherhood. This sculpture enhances the spirituality of your living area and has cultural importance, making it more than just a pretty ornament.

Ashtok designed a Brass Cow and Calf sculpture in your living room, bedroom, or workplace will make it readily blend in with a variety of decor types. It is a flexible addition to both classic and modern settings because of its timeless charm. This magnificent sculpture's timeless beauty will elevate your surroundings and create a tranquil atmosphere. Adorn your home with the timeless elegance of our Brass Cow and Calf sculpture, and embrace tradition and the sacred.


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Brass Cow Calf, Kamdhenu Cow with Calf, Decorative for Puja Room
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