brass kamakshi deepam, Lighting Lamp. (Set of 12 Piece)

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Brass Kamakshi Diya/Deepam

Product Details: Kamakshi Deep is made entirely of pure brass. It is also known as kamatchi vilakku, kamakshi deepak, kamakshi deepam, and kamakshi vilakku. In the shape of light, the Goddess Kamakshi illuminates our understanding and chases away our ignorance. That is why we revere Kamakshi, the embodiment of the Light. Thus, the knowledge we obtain completely eliminates ignorance, just as light eliminates darkness. While the deepam burns, all bad inclinations, like the wick, are extinguished. All bad inclinations will gradually go away as the candle burns out. Cotton wicks are ideal for lighting lamps. Pour the oil into the lamp after inserting the cotton wick holder. Ideal for Puja, Prayer, Auspicious Occasions, and Indian Festivals.

One of the greatest Diwali gift ideas is Kamakshi Deepam. This is a hand-crafted antique beautiful brass lamp with the figure of Goddess or Devi Kamakshi etched on the lamp, as seen in many Indian homes. Flowers and other sacred objects are generally placed around the lamp before it is lit. You can obtain knowledge, prosperity, and wealth with a single glance from the Goddess.

Product Size: 2 Inch, 2.5 Inch

Package Contains: Set of 12 Piece

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handcrafted, sizes may differ. All the mentioned dimensions and weights are approximate.

brass kamakshi deepam, Lighting Lamp. (Set of 12 Piece)
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