Brass Lotus stand diya, kamal diya

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Product Details: "Ashtok lamp has a base and a diya that hold enough oil and wick to burn. Decorate your temples with this Mahabharat diya, a must-have for all holy celebrations. 

Color: Golden

Size:5 Inch

Package Contains: Set of 2 Diyas

Benefits: Humans have been using brass products for a long time. Ashtok created a brass Kamal oil lamp with its advantages in mind and modern technology. It represents good value for money and a long-term investment. Pittal or Pital is the Hindustani word for brass. It has been used by humans since the beginning of time.

Usage: The procedure is straightforward; simply place some oil in the lamp and a cotton wick inside. Your lamp is now ready to illuminate your space. The oil lamp is mostly used to adorn homes and places of worship in order to represent optimism and peace.

Cleaning: Brass stains readily if not used frequently, however, it is easily cleaned with cloth and oil. After use, wash the diya with regular soap, then clean the brass base and lamp with vinegar and salt. Before storing the Diya, allow it to dry. When not in use, store the light somewhere with less dampness.

Preservations: Brass is the most environmentally friendly metal and is easy to recycle, making it the greenest natural metal. Always dry them after washing with a cotton cloth and store them in a dry area to extend their life.

Legal Disclaimer: As all products are handmade, sizes may vary. All measurements and weights are approximations.
Brass Lotus stand diya, kamal diya
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